Concord to Host 133rd Spring Commencement on Saturday, May 17

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Mar 27 2008

CONTACT: Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing

Concord to Host 133rd Spring Commencement on Saturday, May 17

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University’s Spring 2008 Commencement ceremonies are scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2008, beginning at 10 a.m. in the main gymnasium of the Leslie R. and Ruby Webb Carter Center. Nearly 200 students, which include eight graduate candidates, will participate in the ceremony.

The university has six valedictorians (all W.Va. residents): Ashley Dawn Gillespie of Bluefield; Devon Joseph Stewart of Clear Fork; Bryan James Henderson of Piney View; Corey Wayne Meadows of Bluefield; Misty Dawn Reuschel of Cool Ridge; and Alan Franklin Pack of Beckley.

The ceremony’s grand marshal will be Dr. Daniel Krider, and the marshal will be Ms. Lethea Smith. This commencement will be Concord President Jerry Beasley’s last at Concord as he is retiring after this semester.


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Persons with disabilities should contact Nancy Ellison, 1-304-384-6086 or 1-800-344-6679, extension 6086 if special assistance or help is required for access to an event scheduled by the University on campus.

Academic costume, constisting of a gown, a hood, and a cap, dates from the Middle Ages and may be worn on special occasions by anyone holding a degree. Golden stoles worn over the black gown distinguish honor graduates.

Holders of a postbaccalaureate degree wear a gown which differs in design and ornamentation, particularly in the sleeves. Hoods symbolizing the master’s and doctor’s degrees include in their lining the official colors of the institution from which the degree was received. The color of the velvet on these hoods indicates the field of study, some of which are listed here: white – arts, letters, humanities; drab – commerce, accounting, business; copper – economics; light blue – education; brown – fine arts; crimson – journalism; purple – law; lemon – library science; green – medicine; pink – music; silver gray – oratory (speech); dark blue – philosophy; sage green – physical education; golden yellow – science; cream – social science; citron – social work.