Freshman Class at CU Fills Residence Halls

For Immediate Release: 
Aug 18 2008

CONTACT: Rick Dillon, Director, Housing and Residence Life

Freshman Class at CU Fills Residence Halls

Athens, W.Va. – Recruitment and retention efforts at “The Campus Beautiful” have resulted in unanticipated demand for space in Concord University’s residence halls, and administrators and new President, Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, are meeting the challenge.

“We are making a good faith effort to accommodate students who want to attend Concord University,” stated Dr. Aloia. “Staff in our Office of Residence Life began crafting plans to accommodate an increase in students once we realized that our numbers were up. The plans were put into place this summer, and I have been impressed by the way the staff in residence life has worked with our business office and admissions office to ensure that those who want to attend Concord have that opportunity. This demand is unprecedented.”

“We have increased the number of rooms that will house three students,” stated Mr. Rick Dillon, director for housing and residence life. “Although we have always had some ‘triples,’ we have increased the number of rooms that will house three students to accommodate demand for space. This is a ‘good’ problem to have because more students have an opportunity to attend Concord.”

“Many of our students may end up liking the triple room and make the decision to stay in one ... and some of our students have asked to be placed together in a triple to help accommodate friendships and additional spaces,” noted Ms. Lora Woolwine, residence hall director for Concord’s North Tower (women’s residence hall). She has been working with students, their parents, and staff on room assignments, noting that every effort is made to match students with roommates based on their preferences.

President Aloia pointed out that Concord will not be “making a profit” from the students who are assigned to triples: “It is revenue neutral,” he stated. “Our business office has calculated the cost of single, double and triple occupancy, and adjustments to the cost of living in our residence halls have been made. Moreover, there may be opportunities as the semester unfolds for us to reassign students. If that happens, costs will be prorated accordingly.”

In addition to efforts to accommodate more students in Concord’s residence halls, staff members have been busy with improvements on campus.

“Efforts to enhance student life were started well before I moved to Athens,” stated President Aloia, acknowledging the leadership of President Emeritus, Dr. Jerry Beasley. “Internet bandwidth for the campus is being increased by 166 percent to 80 megabytes from 30 megabytes, our students biggest concern has been alleviated with the addition of 288 new parking spaces, a gazebo will be constructed courtesy of the class of 2005 and 2006, a sand volleyball court should be in place by the start of the semester, the Libby Alvis cafeteria has received an exciting renovation, and we have a new fitness center in Towers with 31 pieces of high-quality, Matrix-brand equipment. In addition, I fulfilled my promise to students by painting the racquetball court in the Carter Center my first week on campus.

“We want students to look at our changes and improvements as a ‘new beginning’ … we are excited about the possibilities for this year and future years. Many young West Virginians will benefit by getting their degree from Concord, and we certainly do not want to turn anyone away,” he concluded.

Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid Michael Curry complimented his admissions counselors: “This is one of the largest incoming classes of freshmen that we have ever had, plus, our retention of returning students has improved because of efforts implemented last year by Vice President for Student Affairs John David Smith.”


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