Russian Students and Faculty to Visit CU Week of September 7

For Immediate Release: 
Sep 04 2008

CONTACT:  Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing


Russian Students and Faculty to Visit CU Week of September 7

Athens, W.Va. – A group of nine Russian students and faculty from Mari State Technical University will be visiting Concord University the week of September 7 to learn from students and faculty in CU’s Recreation and Tourism Management program of study.

“Our students are really excited,” organizer, Dr. Roy Ramthun, said. “Yet, I think for most of them, it hasn’t completely sunk in what they’re going to be doing.”

For the past two years, Concord has forged a relationship with Mari State in order to preserve a landmark 1850s manor house. Invited to be a guest lecturer at the university, Ramthun said that he was taken to the site and then decided to get Dr. Susan Williams’ tourism students involved in the preservation process.

“What better way to get an education for folks?” he asked. “This is how international business works. It’s international tourism in the real world and they will actually be making the business plans for it.”

To give the Mari State students an idea of how sites are preserved in the U.S., they will be taken on tours of selected sites from around the region and will also be attending classes. This visit is only the beginning of the relationship, however.

“This will be an ongoing project throughout the year,” Ramthun said. “After they leave, we will set up video conferencing with the university, and we will communicate that way.”

This year marks the first year that international tourism has been offered and according to Ramthun, if the relationship with the university is maintained, it will be possible that the class could be offered again.

“We’ve offered traditional tourism classes before, but this year, we decided to offer a special projects course,” he said. “There is also a possibility our students will get to go to Russia and actually see the site.”


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Andrea Meador, a sophomore majoring in public relations wrote this news release. Her hometown is Ghent.