“Trading Spaces at CU”: Trade Generates Gifts Totaling $36,000

For Immediate Release: 
Oct 06 2008

CONTACT: Loretta Young, Associate Vice President for Development
1-304-384-5257, foundation@concord.edu

“Trading Spaces at CU”: Trade Generates Gifts Totaling $36,000

Athens, W.Va. – Concord’s new president, Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, wanted to experience, first hand, the check-in process from a freshman’s point-of-view. He registered for class, moved in Wooddell (men’s residence hall), attended orientation, ate in the cafeteria and walked to “class” (work in his case). He challenged the Concord community, encouraging those who wanted to contribute toward improvements at the University, to pledge one dollar per hour in support of his efforts. His efforts were rewarded!

Associate Director of Development, Ms. Loretta Young, reported that $36,000 was raised in response to Aloia’s week-long stay in Wooddell Hall.

“I was thrilled by the support from Concord’s alumni, friends and Foundation directors,” stated Young. “The Concord community quickly picked up on Dr. Aloia’s energy and enthusiasm, and we actually had fun with this worthwhile project. It was a learning experience for us all, and I think that it is good for us as administrators to experience life through the eyes of our most important resource—our students.” Continuing, Ms. Young said, “To everyone who participated in Dr. Aloia’s ‘trading spaces’ endeavor, thank you! Without your support, this fundraising effort would not have been nearly so much fun nor would it have been so fruitful. You have once again come through for the students at Concord University.”

Because of the increased enrollment for fall 2008, Aloia’s “trade” meant that he was assigned to one of several “barracks” that was established to accommodate the overflow of students in the University’s residence halls.

The countdown began noon, Saturday, August 23 and ended noon, Saturday, August 30.

Students, faculty and the public kept tabs on Aloia’s progress by visiting his blog on the CU web site.

Two freshmen stayed at Aloia’s home, and Dr. Aloia’s wife, Mary, served as their surrogate “mom” away from home.

Aloia noted in his blog on the last day of his stay: “Saturday was the seventh and final day of Trading Spaces - a total of 168 hours. It was a really wonderful week. Forty-four years ago as a freshman when I headed for home, I was actually glad to leave the dorm, but I must confess that on Saturday there was a twinge of nostalgia as I packed up my belongings to leave my dorm and my little bunk in the corner of the “Woo.” Not only have I made new friends, I’ve gained a unique insight into the life of a freshman here at CU. I really enjoyed the experience. If the Woo 7 and the two guests in our home are representative of all entering freshman at Concord, then this is going to be a great class of 2012!”

Aloia stated that the funds raised will be used for upgrades in the lounges and lobby areas in the residence halls.

Supporters may mail their checks to: “Trading Spaces at CU,” Concord University Foundation, Inc., PO Box 1405, Athens, WV 24712-1405.