Former GM Exec to Speak At CU Thursday, October 16

For Immediate Release: 
Oct 13 2008

CONTACT: Kendra Boggess, Professor of Business; Division Chairperson of Business

Former GM Exec to Speak At CU Thursday, October 16

Athens, W.Va. – Mr. Tom Joyce, former General Motors executive, will be speaking in the Rahall Technology Center, Room 318 at Concord University at 11 a.m. as part of the “Executive in Residence” program.

Joyce, originally from Welch in McDowell County, graduated from Concord College in 1964 with a B.S. in education, planning to go into teaching with a dream of becoming a coach. His part-time job in college at a car dealership, however, provided a launching pad for a career in the automotive industry that lasted more than 33 years.

“Working part-time first at a car dealership in Welch, then Bluefield, my employer offered me a job upon graduation,” stated Joyce. “First I wanted to be a dealer, and then I talked to some people from General Motors who said that I should get a job with GM, so I left for Michigan, working mostly within the Pontiac division.

“I want to discuss two basic topics at Concord on Thursday; first, the process General Motors uses to determine a location for a dealership; and second, financing for the dealership.

“In addition, I want to talk about cultural differences since the world is so very small, now. I spent several years in Japan. There are cultural differences based on nationality, but there are also cultural differences based on the company or organization in which one may work.

“I appreciate the invitation to meet the students, and I look forward to this presentation,” Joyce concluded.

Concord’s Division of Business launched a Business Advisory Council three years ago. The strategy of the Business Advisory Council is to assist the chair of the business division in planning for the growth, enhancement and competitiveness of the Concord University business division. The Council created a strategic plan at that time with the intent to help the business division 1) sustain and enhance competitiveness, 2) grow, 3) attract faculty and students and 4) become a center of excellence.

The Council agreed that an “Executive in Residence” would benefit the students at Concord pursuing business degrees and have provided suggestions for future participants. Mr. Joyce is the first executive to participate in the program.

Dr. Kendra Boggess, chair for the division of business, stated that: “We are looking forward to having Mr. Joyce share his experiences and expertise with our students. During the day he spends with us, Tom is scheduled to meet with several students individually before and after his symposium. During those discussions, he will have an opportunity to inspire some students to follow their dreams of working in the industry in which he was so successful. Mr. Joyce’s years with GM included living in Tokyo and being responsible for GM automobile sales throughout 21 countries in Asia. He is interested in helping students recognize the importance of being prepared for global business and cultural challenges. He also wants to stress the importance of good interviewing skills for our students, as the time spent preparing for the interview can be critical to a candidate’s success. The Division of Business plans to schedule an Executive in Residence at least bi-monthly throughout the school year.”

The Business Advisory Council at Concord includes the following committees, segmented by purpose and goal, and members.

The three areas of concentration are: 1) Committee on student enhancement led by Christie Elliott McGinnis; 2) Committee for Business Division Competitiveness led by Bill Sorg; 3) Committee on Business Community Needs, led by Tim Arnold. All Council members are involved in at least one committee of particular interest to them.

Current members of the Council, chaired by Gary Rado, former president of Casio, America, include: Tim Arnold, regional manager, McDowell County National Bank; Sam Baker, owner, Sam Baker Agency; Vince Cali, national managing director and deputy to the Tohmatsu Global CEO, Deloitte & Touche; John Chmara, head of accounting division, CNX Gas Operations; Deborah Clark, Ph.D., educator; Linda Cox, facilitator, Mercer County Technical Education Center; Christy Elliott McGinnis, work sales officer, BB&T; Bill Hopkins, commercial sales lender, First Community Bank; Larry Ickes, CPA; Jason Lunsford, retirement plan consultant; Cole Malcolm, Ernst & Young; Charles W. Pace, attorney and accountant; Billy Pantili, owner, Automart of Princeton; Neal Patel, senior accountant, marketing department, Charles Ryan Associates; Sean Raines, brand manager, Tetra; Dewey Russell, commercial relationship manager, First Community Bank and mayor, City of Princeton; Conley Salyer, attorney; Bill Sorg, retired director, corporate credit operations, International Paper; and Andrea Tabor, associate director of admissions, Concord University.

Tom Arnold stated that: “This program allows our business students to have an opportunity to meet and converse with leaders from the business community. These leaders are available on a voluntary basis to spend a day on campus to discuss topics the business majors may have in mind—for example, what is expected of an accountant or account executive, tips on getting a job and lessons from the ‘real world’ that may benefit the students.”

The public is invited to attend the 11 a.m. presentation.


CONCORD UNIVERSITY NOTES: Persons with disabilities should contact Nancy Ellison, 1-304-384-6086 or 1-800-344-6679, extension 6086 if special assistance or help is required for access to an event scheduled by the University on campus.