Haydn’s “The Creation” Chosen for the Spring Chorus Concert Sunday, May 3 at Concord University

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Apr 22 2009

CONTACT: Joshua Miller, Director of Choral Activities and Vocal Studies, Assistant Professor of Music
1-304-384-5301, jmiller@concord.edu

Haydn’s “The Creation” Chosen for the Spring Chorus Concert Sunday, May 3 at Concord University

Athens, W.Va. – In recognition of the 200th anniversary of Franz Joseph Haydn’s death, the Concord University choral groups will perform “The Creation” for the Spring Chorus Concert Sunday, May 3, 2009, at 3 p.m. in the Main Theater of the Alexander Fine Arts Center at Concord University.

Performed in English with chamber orchestration, “The Creation” tells the story of Genesis based on Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

“‘The Creation’ is a piece like no other in all of classical music history,” said Joshua Miller, assistant professor of music and director of vocal studies. “For the time period in which he lived Haydn’s creativity and word painting out-shines all of the other composers of that era. This is one of those pieces that everyone should hear at least once in his or her lifetime, just to appreciate the sheer genius behind its conception.”

The Concord choirs will perform with guest soloists Margaret Felice, The Boston Conservatory; Mitchell Spurlock, Marshall University and William Roberts III, Opera Carolina.

The public is invited, and there is no charge for attendance.

For more information, contact Joshua Miller at 1-304-384-5301 or by e-mail at jmiller@concord.edu, or visit http://music.concord.edu.


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Nathan Sowder, a student in Concord University Communication Arts Department, wrote this press release. His home town is Bluefield.