SGA Presents Friedl Award to Thomas J. McKenna

For Immediate Release: 
May 20 2009

CONTACT: Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing

SGA Presents Friedl Award to Thomas J. McKenna

Athens, W.Va. – Mr. Curtis Kearns, business manager for Concord University’s Student Government Association, presented the Friedl Award to Dr. Thomas J. McKenna, assistant professor of philosophy and history, at the last meeting of the SGA that was held on Wednesday, May 6.

“Every year the Student Government Association recognizes an outstanding faculty member,” stated Mr. Kearns. “The Friedl Award was named after Joseph Friedl, in part, because he was an outstanding faculty member, but more importantly, he went above and beyond the call of duty. He spoke to students. He counseled them. He helped them in any way that he could. He was, at least in the student’s view, an ideal professor, and, this year, I’m proud to present this award to Dr. McKenna.”

“First, I want to say that this award is very meaningful to me,” stated Prof. McKenna, while accepting the award, “because you, the students, give the award, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to give a teaching award than the students. And, I also want to say that I consider myself privileged. I love what I do. I’d do it even if Concord did not pay me, but don’t tell the administration!” he concluded, eliciting chuckles from the students in attendance.


PHOTO: Dr. Thomas J. McKenna, Mr. Curtis Kearns

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