Local Veterans Group Delivers $25,000 to CU for “Trading Spaces” Pledge

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May 21 2009

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Local Veterans Group Delivers $25,000 to CU for “Trading Spaces” Pledge

Athens, W.Va. – Ms. Dottie O. Hann, president of the Mountain State Regular Veterans Association Post 57, presented a check for $25,000 to Loretta Young, executive director for the Concord University Foundation.

The group pledged the funds during the “Trading Spaces” campaign late last summer, when Concord’s new president, Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, literally traded spaces with two incoming freshmen. The freshmen students stayed in the President’s home, and Dr. Aloia lived in Wooddell Residence Hall for a week.

The campaign was designed to focus attention on facilities and raise funds for improvements in the residence halls.

Ms. Hann, who has been a member of the Veterans Association since 1985, said that, “We want to support students in this area who go to Concord, and this is one way we can support higher education.”

Ms. Young noted that the support from local groups like the Veterans Post is very important.

She said: “Dr. Aloia recognized a need for improvements to the residence halls at Concord, and he created a unique, fun-filled way to begin to resolve it. We were thrilled that so many came forward, raising $36,000 in total for the campaign.”

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