Concord Hosts Second Annual Undergraduate Research Day

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Jun 08 2009

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Concord Hosts Second Annual Undergraduate Research Day

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University’s McNair Scholars and psychology programs hosted the second annual Undergraduate Research Day Thursday, April 23.

The Undergraduate Research Day was the second of a two-day “Convocation of Scholars” that focused on recognizing scholarly activities. (On Wednesday, April 22, the institution recognized students, faculty and staff for service initiatives, creativity/scholarship and teaching.)

On April 23, Dr. Steven W. Gangestad, a distinguished professor of psychology from the University of New Mexico, presented research of his own as the keynote speaker for Undergraduate Research Day. His research was titled: “Revisiting Human Estrus: How Women’s Sexual Interests Change across the Ovulatory Cycle.”

Students then shared the efforts of their research through either poster presentations or oral presentations. Those who participated included:

Athens: Brittany Keys (presentation), “Social Aggression among Adolescent Females”

Avondale: Katrina Matney (poster), “The Relationship between the Global Factors of the 16 PF and Procrastination” and (presentation), “Contextual Effects on Operant Responding for Alcohol”

Cross Lanes: Iyanuoluqa Kusimo (presentation), “The Effect of Stress on Communication, Job Attitude, and Job Satisfaction”

Beckley: Micah Thomas Lee Carter (poster), “Analysis of W.Va. Senate Bill 538, Creating a State Earned Income Tax Credit;” Akeya Carter-Bozman (poster), “Maternal Incarceration as it Affects the Social and Behavioral Development of School-Aged Children” Jonathan Rollins III (presentation), “A Qualitative Pilot-Study Examining Early Childhood Development Through Pupil-Teacher Interactions in an Early Education Center” Kevin Smith (presentation), “The Wedding Knot: Inequitable Divorce Law in Charles Dickens’ Hard Times”

Charleston: Amy Chandler (poster), “Analysis of Senate Bill 160 Can D.C. have State’s Rights?”

Delbarton: Natasha Duty (presentation), “The Effects of Intelligence on Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony in Heightened and Un-Heightened States of Arousal.”

Diana: Ian Ware (poster), “Earthquake Related Fault Rocks Exhumed from the Middle Crust;”

Jenkinjones: Ala Obey (poster), “Analysis of HR 262 of Congress (Prevention of Hate Crimes)”

Hinton: Melissa Smith (poster), “Analysis of HR 106 of Congress (Higher Education Tax Credit)” Holden: Dominique Morgan (poster) “Do Homicidal Ideations Have a Gender?”

Martinsburg: Peter Allphin (presentation), “Abraham Lincoln’s Attitude toward the Use of Total War during the American Civil War”

Meadow Bridge: Alishia Foster (poster), “A Study of Copers within the Parental Acceptance/Rejection Model”

Peterstown: Tiffany Yancey (presentation), “The Influence of Recess on Classroom Performance”

Princeton: Lorien Anderson (presentation), “The Poetic Conceptions of Anne Bradstreet and Emily Dickinson” Chasity Bailey (poster), “Determinants of Delinquent and Criminal Behavior” Amy Tilley-Clisso (poster), “Analysis of House Bill 2015 of the W.Va. Legislature” Donna Franks (presentation), “Options for Resolving Inequality in Education” Adam West (poster), “How Mary Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln Handled Each Others Mental Disorders During Marriage” Amanda Wood (poster), “Analysis of HR 605 of Congress (Pregnant Women Support Act)” Guy Wolfe (poster), “Antioxidant Activity of Euphorbia Maculata”

Raysal: Jessica Ferrell (presentation), “Is a Microorganism Responsible for the Bioactivity of Euonymus americanus?”

Romney: Tashina Stine (poster), “Self Efficacy and the Effect on Task Specific Performance” and (presentation) “The Effects of Intelligence on Accuracy of Eyewitness Testimony in Heightened and Un-Heightened States of Arousal;” and (presentation) “Eyewitness Accuracy and Personality Types: Differentiating between the Focus of Introverts and Extroverts”

Shady Spring: Christopher Presley (poster), “Isolation of a Bioactive Compound from Euonymus americanus”

Sophia: Ashley Lacy (poster), “Analysis of House Bill 2371 of the W.Va. Legislature (Amendment to W.Va. Code 49-7-1)”

South Charleston: Krystina Dillard (poster), “Examination of Faculty Attitudes toward Students and Student-Athletes” and (presentation), “Examination of a Possible Student-Athlete Subculture in Revenue Sports” Rebecca Gouty (poster), “Analysis of House Bill 2431 of the W.Va. Legislature (Emergency Contraception Education Act)”

Valley Head: Kaitlyn Begg (poster), “Analysis of House Bill 2452 of the W.Va. Legislature” Sarah Begg, “Analysis of House Bill 2342 (An Amendment of W.Va. Code 49-5-10)”


Bartow, Fla.: Lamar Reese (poster), “Analysis of W.Va. House Bill 2254, Father’s Rights in Abortion”

Daleville, Va.: Katrina Ostermann (poster), “Effects of Massage and Stretching on Hamstring Range of Motion”

Grundy, Va.: Haymanot Zeleke (poster), “Analysis of W.Va. House Bill 2877, Unlawful Acts by Persons.”

Herndon, Va.: Parisa Bigdeli (poster), “Analysis of Trafficking Victims Protection Act”

Kensington, Md.: Matthew Morris (presentation), “Screening of Antibodies against the Oxytocin Receptor (Oxtr) by Western Blotting”

San Francisco, Calif.: Colby Whitfield (poster), “Analysis of W.Va. House Bill 2134, Skateboarder Safety Act”

Representatives from colleges and universities with master’s and doctoral degree programs were available for consultation for those in attendance, including: Appalachian School of Law, Appalachian State University, Concord University, East Tennessee State University, Marshall University, Mountain State University, Oklahoma State University, Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine, Radford University, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, University of Appalachia College of Pharmacy, VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech, West Virginia State University, Wheeling Jesuit University, and West Virginia University.


PHOTO: Akeya Carter-Bozman from Beckley explains the details of her research.

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