Student Safety Patrols Added at Athens School: Caution Urged as Public School Opens Tomorrow

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Aug 24 2009

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Student Safety Patrols Added at Athens School: Caution Urged as Public School Opens Tomorrow

Athens, W.Va. - Public school starts tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 26, in Mercer County and Concord University faculty, staff and students are urged to use extreme caution as they drive to and from campus. In Athens, student safety patrols will assist students as they cross the street. These middle school students from Athens School will help their younger schoolmates cross safely before and after school, according to Athens resident Carol Bard.

"They will be posted in four locations – on Vermillion Street at the town park and at the post office, at the main intersection of Rt. 20 and Vermillion, and on Caldwell Street across from the school,” Bard said.

While Athens-area motorists are accustomed to an adult crossing guard in front of Athens School, the presence of student safety patrols may be new to some. However, training and using students to serve as safety patrols dates back several decades and is offered in association with AAA.

Residents over the age of 50 may recall the days of school safety patrols, perhaps even remember being 11 or 12, buckling on the white belt and pinning on the patrol badge before taking up position at a busy street corner.

As part of a $78,000 Safe Routes to School Grant awarded to the town of Athens in 2008, Athens School is reinstituting theschool safety patrol program this year. Training led by grant facilitator Michell Berkey, an adult crossing guard, and the town police department follows AAA guidelines. Bard said the materials are very thorough, and trainers are thankful for AAA support.“We want motorists to be aware of the new initiative,” Bard said. “Student patrols will be wearing the traditional patrol belt and badge, and will be easy to spot.”

With school resuming, Bard says motorists should be alert in the vicinity of the school,
and obey the posted speed limits.


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