Concord University Marks 142nd Anniversary With Founders Day Celebration

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Feb 25 2014

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ATHENS, W.Va. - The “Year of the Renaissance” was proclaimed at Concord University during a Founders Day Celebration marking the institution’s 142nd anniversary. The event was held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 in the Main Theatre of the Alexander Fine Arts Center. Concord received its charter from the West Virginia Legislature on Feb. 28, 1872.

The Keynote Address was delivered by Ms. Lori McKinney, director of the RiffRaff Arts Collective in Princeton, W.Va. McKinney is a volunteer with the Princeton Renaissance Project, a movement to bring revitalization and economic stabilization to downtown Princeton.

McKinney spoke of how she became inspired to bring new life to her hometown through art and music. With a colorful slideshow running behind her on the stage, she described the positive change now happening in Princeton. She encouraged the audience to “rethink what is possible” and called on them to be inspired to impact their own communities.

photo of Lori McKinney delivering Keynote Address
Lori McKinney delivers Keynote Address

In her remarks Concord Interim President Dr. Kendra Boggess said the day signified “a special event” for the University and offered a time to “recognize Concord’s place in higher education.”

She said the gathering also provided an opportunity to honor Concord’s constituents in areas including service, teaching, teamwork, spirit and philanthropy. Additionally, Founders Day is a time to focus on the contributions of surrounding communities, she said. Special recognition was given to area West Virginia mayors for their leadership and contributions to the progress of the region. Recognized during the program were: Mrs. Carol Bard, Mayor of Athens; Mr. Bill O’Brien, Mayor of Beckley; Mr. Tom Cole, Mayor of Bluefield; Mr. Joe Blankenship, Mayor of Hinton; and Mrs. Patricia Wilson, Mayor of Princeton.

photo of Dr. Kendra Boggess recognizing area mayors

Dr. Kendra Boggess recognizes area mayors. Shown from left are: Dr. Boggess, Princeton Mayor Patricia Wilson, Athens Mayor Carol Bard, Hinton Mayor Joe Blankenship and Bluefield Mayor Tom Cole. Not pictured is Beckley Mayor Bill O’Brien.

Academic and service awards were presented to faculty, staff and students from Concord’s Athens and Beckley campuses. Faculty recipients include: Faculty Scholarship/Creativity Award, Dr. Michelle Gompf; Faculty Service Award, Dr. Susan Williams; and, Faculty Teaching Award, Dr. Cynthia Khanlarian.

Teaching Award, Dr. Cynthia Khanlarian. Classified Staff recipients include: Classified Staff Presidential Service Award, Mrs. Anita Conner; Classified Staff Outstanding Service Award, Mrs. Lynnis Hill; and, Classified Staff Teamwork Award, Mrs. Susie Lusk.

Non-Classified Staff recipients include: Non-Classified Staff Presidential Service Award, Mr. Marshall Campbell and Mrs. Sarah Turner; Non-Classified Staff Student Focus Award, Dr. Marjie Flanigan; and, Non-Classified Staff Teamwork Award, Mr. Marshall Campbell and Mr. Gerard Folio.

Erma Byrd Center (Beckley) recipients include: Erma Byrd Center Staff Excellence Award, Mrs. Tara Taylor; Erma Byrd Center Outstanding Faculty Award, Mrs. Lori Pace; and, Erma Byrd Center Student Service Award, Mrs. Pam Wallace.

Student recipients include: Student Presidential Service Award, Ms. Ashley Clemmons; Student Mt. Lion Spirit Award, Mr. Robbie Parker; Student Outstanding Commuter Award, Ms. Rhonda Thomas; and, Student Organizational Philanthropy Award, Alpha Sigma Tau.

Years of Service awards from Concord University and the state of West Virginia were also presented. Dr. William Ofsa received a Concord Service Award and a West Virginia Service Award for 55 years of service. In special recognition of his accomplishment, he was awarded a clock from the state of West Virginia.

Recipients of a Concord Service Award for 5 years of service are: Dr. Charles P. Becker, Mr. Jamie Boggs, Mr. Marshall Campbell, Dr. Franz A. Frye, Dr. Amberyl Malkovich, Dr. Lauri Reidmiller, Dr. Gabriel Rieger, Mr. Terry A. Rotenberry, Ms. Megan D. Sanders, Dr. Santina St. John, and Mr. Steven W. Wood.

Recipients of a Concord Service Award for 10 years of service are: Mrs. Elizabeth J. Cahill-Musick, Mr. Tracy Gravely, Mrs. Deborah Griffith, Dr. Sally J. Howard, Dr. Johnnie Linn, Dr. Tracy L. Luff, and, Mrs. Angela Taylor. Recipients of a Concord Service Award for 15 years of service are: Dr. Cheryl T. Barnes, Mr. Richard Dillon, Ms. Nancy Ellison, Ms. Lisa Karnes, Dr. Rodney Klein, Dr. P. Danette Light, Ms. Mitzi P. Litton, Dr. Carol Manzione, Dr. Joseph Manzione, Dr. Tonya C. McKinley, Mr. Steven A. Meadows, Sgt. Terry Moulder, Dr. Roy Ramthun, Dr. John David Smith, Mrs. Lisa Swaney, Dr. James A. White, and, Dr. Darla J. Wise.

Recipients of a Concord Service Award and a West Virginia Service Award for 20 years of service are: Mrs. Kathy S. Ball, Mrs. Donna F. Musick, Mrs. Donna L. Roberts, Mrs. Marites Vaught, Mrs. Kati Hatfield, and, Dr. William R. Winfrey.

Recipients of a Concord Service Award and a West Virginia Service Award for 25 years of service are: Dr. Kendra S. Boggess, Dr. Hugh A. Campbell, Dr. Richard S. Druggish, Mrs. Amy M. Pitzer, Mrs. Tammy D. Reed, Ms. Dana Shorter, and Dr. Jane W. Smith.

Recipient of a Concord Service Award and a West Virginia Service Award for 30 years of service is Mr. Randy Gum.

Recipients of a Concord Service Award and a West Virginia Service Award for 35 years of service are: Mrs. Marcheta Gunter, Mr. S. Kenneth Holdren, Dr. Timothy L. Mainland, Dr. Joseph T. Manzo, Mrs. Connie L. Michael, and Mrs. Anne C. Whittaker.

Musical selections were provided by the Concord University Band conducted by Dr. David Ball, and by the Concord University ConChords under the direction of Dr. Keely Rhodes. A reception followed the program in the Fine Arts Lobby.