Little Trucks With Big Loads Featured In Exhibit By Concord University Associate Professor Jamey Biggs

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Mar 17 2015

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ATHENS, W.Va. – The Concord University Art Department extends an open invitation for all to come and experience the stunning works of Jamey Biggs, an associate professor of art at Concord University. “Jamey Biggs: Recent Works” will be on exhibit now through Friday, April 10 in the Arthur Butcher Art Gallery, located in the main lobby of the Alexander Fine Arts Building, opposite of its main auditorium entrance.

Gallery doors will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by appointment. All are welcome to come and observe Biggs’ ceramic and mixed media sculptures, which have been molded and formed into the image of Tonka toys.

He says he chose this particular imagery because Tonka “is largely positive, a wide variety of folks have an existing relation to it, and it is not traditionally used as subject matter or imagery for high art.”

He also hopes that his works will appeal to art enthusiasts who are “well versed in art theory, art history, and criticism,” but also draw the attention of a youthful audience.

Biggs has traveled, exhibited, and demonstrated his art all over, from Tamarack in Beckley to Japan. He has won five awards in juried art exhibitions within the current academic year. The most recent award being Best of Show the MWSU Twin Cups: National Juried Exhibition.

When asked why he chose to do his current showcase at Concord he replied, “I spend a lot of time making and moving work around but it is rarely shown on campus. This is an opportunity for me to display a cohesive body of work to my students and community.”

This exhibit is free and open to the public.

To know more about the “Jamey Biggs: Recent Works” art exhibit, learn about and see more of Biggs’ work, or arrange an appointment outside of the showcase, contact him through e-mail at, call 304-384-5351, visit his Facebook page at, or visit


This press release was written by Bridgette Morris. Bridgette is a communications major

with an emphasis in speech at Concord University.  She lives in Beckley, W.Va.


A full artist statement and a photo can be found below.



The “Jamey Biggs: Recent Works” art exhibit currently on display

 at Concord University features Tonka trucks.



Artist Statement

These trucks and bulldozers are constructed in earthenware clay using various molding and hand forming techniques. I have settled on the image of the Tonka toy because it is largely positive, a wide variety of folks have an existing relation to it, and it is not traditionally used as subject matter or imagery for high art. My hope is that the art works presented are truly non-verbal in nature. I want to make work that instantly draws a viewer in and holds their attention through unexpected pairings.

Images are fluid in terms of their meaning and significance. The material in the truck or in front of the dozer provides me with another possible layer of meaning and context for the truck. I typically try to use that extra layer as an opportunity for play and humor. The toy truck is associated with childhood and child-like impulses. Anything that I put in the truck instantly becomes, by definition, a “truckload.” That transformation is semantic (and silly) but I want the works to have monumental qualities while being as small as possible.

I want the loads to be overwhelming. I want the viewer to rely on their own associations to make sense of those materials, objects, and commodities. I think playfulness and general mischief will come through the work. The works will convey ideas of generosity, and abundance but I’m okay if a few notions of wastefulness get through as well.

I hope that adults who are well versed in art theory, art history, and criticism can find interest in the sculptures. At the same time, I want the work to appeal to three-year-old children.



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