Students Learn About Entrepreneurship At Concord University’s Lemonade Day

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Apr 20 2015

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ATHENS, W.Va. – Business was booming on April 15 at the first lemonade stand of the 2015 season for Lemonade Day West Virginia. Set up in the lobby of Concord University’s Student Center at lunchtime, the stand showcased the entrepreneurial talents of students from Straley Elementary School in Princeton.

The 19 fifth graders worked in six different teams to market, prepare, serve and sell their beverage to Concord students, staff and faculty.

The Student Entrepreneurship Club at Concord hosted the event. Lemonade Day is a national and state initiative that inspires and equips youth for entrepreneurship through the experience of running a lemonade stand. (To learn more visit

National Lemonade Day is Sunday, May 3. Matthew Thompson, Lemonade Day West Virginia statewide director, said, “We will have stands set up April to July.”

Thompson was on hand last year as well when the Concord Student Entrepreneurship Club hosted a Lemonade Day event.

Straley fifth grade teacher Janet Burton said that through the activity she hoped her students would learn about advertising and financial responsibility and how to make change. Lemonade purchases were made with play money.

Burton said that Concord’s Student Entrepreneurship Club provided lessons on entrepreneurship in the classroom for her students prior to the Lemonade Day event.

Student Entrepreneurship Club member Ichrak Keraani, who visited the school to work with the fifth graders, said the program will “let the kids learn …how it is to own a business.”

“It’s a good opportunity to teach them about entrepreneurship,” she said.

The fifth graders eagerly discussed their marketing tactics as they peddled their lemonade.

“We brainstormed and came up with a lightning bolt,” one of the marketers for “Bursting with Flavor” said about his team’s logo.

Another team hoped to “eliminate” the other competitors by working as “E-Lemonaders.”

Each team displayed a colorful, handmade sign announcing their product and the students wore personally designed T-shirts with their themes and slogans. Boisterous chants including “Buy some fresh lemonade!” were also used to encourage purchases.

When asked how business was going, one student said, “We are running out fast!” Another said that she was learning about “teamwork.”

“It’s really fun,” a classmate said.

While the lemonade stand was in operation, several members of the Student Entrepreneurship Club demonstrated their products and services.

The band My Only Safe Haven promoted their album “Letters” which was recently released on iTunes.  Kayla Saunders describes her group as pop-punk. She said “Letters” is on both Christian and alternative charts.

Jonathan Serino displayed “Aromatic Authenticity.” The toiletry comes in fragrances like pumpkin spice, vanilla and tangerine with black pepper being a favorite, Serino said. Kaitlyn West exhibited her paintings and other works of art.

The Student Entrepreneurship Club is part of Concord’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.  Dr. Mohan P. Pokharel, who holds the Shott Chair of Entrepreneurship and is assistant professor of management at Concord, is director.

He discussed how Lemonade Day and the product and service demonstrations are beneficial to students.

“Beyond increasing communal interaction between elementary school children and college students in the locality, the event is a microcosm of professional business situations,” Pokharel said.

“Members of the Student Entrepreneurship Club gain a unique opportunity to understand the centrality of customer response to effective product and service development,” he said. “Additionally, the awareness the event creates might inspire otherwise reticent students who have good ideas to uncover market potential. At its essence, the aim of the event is to launch the entrepreneurial journey from an idea to an innovative product or service that commands market value.”

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Three photos are attached below:

Matthew Thompson, Lemonade Day West Virginia statewide director, makes a purchase.


Young entrepreneurs peddle lemonade.


Kayla Saunders, left, and Preston Belcher of My Only Safe Haven promote their album.



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