1973 Iaeger High School Class Ring Found at CU

For Immediate Release: 
Sep 19 2006

CONTACT: Jean Mann, Telephone Operator
1-304-384-3115, info@concord.edu

1973 Iaeger High School Class Ring Found at CU

Athens, W.Va. – If walls could talk, oh, the secrets that College Courts at Concord University could have shared. While demolishing the "Courts" to make way for much needed parking, a treasure was discovered in the form of a 1973 class ring from Iaeger High School.

The "Courts," 1950s-vintage apartments, initially housed Concord students who were married. More recently, “non-traditional” students made the Courts home.

The class ring was found in D-4 behind the heating unit.

The owner of the ring may lay claim by contacting "lost and found" at Concord University and identifying the initials inscribed inside the ring.


PHOTO: Iaeger High School class ring from 1973