Greenbrier East and West Take Top Two Spots in CU Business Challenge

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Oct 29 2006

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EDITORS, PLEASE NOTE: Teachers are listed after each high school.

Greenbrier East and West Take Top Two Spots in CU Business Challenge

Athens, W.Va. – More than 150 students and teachers from eight high schools in the region attended the 13th annual Concord University Business Challenge hosted by the Division of Business on Friday, October 27. Schools represented included: Academy of Careers and Technology (in Beckley, Neil Byrge), Greenbrier East High School (Tammy Bostic, Dalen Whitt), Greenbrier West High School (Norma Cole, David Linkenhoker), Graham High School (Va., Kimberly Rotenberry, Michelle Dilly), Oak Hill High School, Princeton High School (Connie Vest), Richlands High School (Va., Patti Fuller, Ronnie Sparks), and Mercer Christian Academy (Max Benson, Steve Janning).

Dr. Jerry Beasley, president of Concord along with Dr. Kendra Boggess, chair of the Division of Business welcomed students and teachers to “the campus beautiful.” Testing in 15 categories commenced and continued throughout the morning, allowing students the opportunity to test their business skills, and meet students and teachers from other schools.

Teachers and counselors attended a seminar presented by Mr. Tim Barnes, associate professor of instructional systems development and director for the Center for Academic Technologies, entitled: “Incorporating Turning Point Technology in the Classroom.”

Winners were announced after lunch and are as follows:

ACADEMY OF CAREERS AND TECHNOLOGY: Daniel Lewis, third place, marketing principles; Liz Lia, first place, creative marketing; John Maddy, second place, creative marketing; Jeremy Sallie, second place, keyboarding; Kati Suggs, third place, creative marketing and third place, economics

GRAHAM-Va.: Chaz Cole, second place, business law; Travis Hayton, third place, current business events; D.J. Pruett, third place, business computer literacy; Paul Sathre, first place, business computer literacy; Zach Toothman, first place, Microsoft concepts

GREENBRIER EAST HIGH SCHOOL: Bryan Gravely, third place, business law and second place, marketing principles; David Harlan, third place, advanced keyboarding; Corey Howard, second place, web design; Matthew Kirby, second place, advanced keyboarding; Sheila Othman, first place, advanced keyboarding; Chelsea Richmond, first place, business mathematics; Adam Sams, second place, business finance; Jennifer Sprouse, first place, marketing principles; Allender Steward, second place, business mathematics and second place, economics; Eric Taylor, first place, web design; Travis Taylor, third place, Microsoft concepts; Slayter Tuckwiller, first place, business law and first place, economics

GREENBRIER WEST HIGH SCHOOL: Chad Briggs, third place, management principles; Cassandra Ford, first place, accounting and second place, management principles; Steven Hunter, third place, accounting; Mark Kelley, second place, current business events; Larry Prather, third place, web design; Mary Annelise Shaffer, first place, keyboarding; Emily Wallace, first place, current business events

OAK HILL HIGH SCHOOL: Michelle Fisher, second place, accounting

PRINCETON HIGH SCHOOL: Joseph Hardin, third place, business finance; Teona Music, first place, management principles

RICHLANDS HIGH SCHOOL: Lauren Johnson, second place, business computer literacy and second place, Microsoft concepts; Jonathan Murphy, third place, business mathematics; Jennifer Reynolds, first place, business finance and third place, keyboarding

Overall winners were Greenbrier East High School, first place, for the second year in a row; Greenbrier West High School, second place; and Graham High School (Va.), third place.

Paul Sathre from Graham High School (Va.) and Michelle Fisher from Oak Hill High School won scholarships to Concord University. Each scholarship is worth up to $8,000 each.

The teachers were recognized and presented with a jump drive from the Division of Business and a drawing was held for six door prizes, which were awarded to students.

Division of Business faculty and staff who participated included Ms. Bonnie Brown, event coordinator and academic program associate; Dr. Kendra Boggess, chair and professor of business; Dr. Bill Deck, associate professor of marketing; Mr. John Fazio, instructor in management; Dr. Johnnie Linn, III, associate professor of economics; Dr. Nancy Niles, associate professor of management; Dr. Dianna Ross, associate professor of accounting, the Katharine Tierney Chair of Business and Finance; Mr. Tom Shelton, instructor in accounting; and Mr. Bill Skeen, associate professor of accounting. Concord students majoring in business volunteered to serve as proctors: Christina Coughlin, Kari Davis, Nikolay Dievski, Steven Duty, Leigh Harding, Michael Jewell, Jessica King, Brenda Larue, Mika Pierson, Mayumi Shitamura, Samantha Simons, Kendra Smith, Kevin Smith, Krystal Smith, Amanda Starling and Stephanie Tabor.

The next Concord University Business Challenge will be held on Friday, October 26, 2007.

For information on attending Concord call 1-888-384-5249 or 1-304-384-5248 or e-mail


PHOTO: Greenbrier East High School, winner of the 13th annual Business Challenge at Concord.