How Does Mining Affect the Environment? Find Out at CU, Wednesday, February 28

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Feb 15 2007

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How Does Mining Affect the Environment? Find Out at CU, Wednesday, February 28

Athens, W.Va. – Geoff Buckley, assistant professor of geography at Ohio University, will be speaking on the historical and environmental effects of the coal mining industry in Appalachia in a lecture called Extracting Appalachia, on Wednesday, February 28 at 1 p.m. in the Main Theater of the Alexander Fine Arts Center at Concord University.

In his lectures Geoff Buckley emphasizes how global and local environmental issues affect the audience directly and helps them realize the positive impact these issues have on them. In Extracting Appalachia, Buckley wants to help students and the public understand the power and meaning of mining in everyday early twentieth century life.

Extracting Appalachia is a study that supplements the existing discussion of the industrialization of Appalachia with an imaginative use of new sources,” says Gordon B. McKinney, professor at Berea College and director of Berea’s Appalachian Center. “Scholars of industrialization, photography and Appalachia will find Buckley’s study helpful and insightful.”

Buckley has taught at Ohio University since 1998. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Ecology and American History from Connecticut College. He received a Master’s Degree in Geography from the University of Oregon and his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Maryland. His research interests include historical environmental geography and the American conservation movement. Over the past few years, Buckley’s interests have turned to the effects of coal-mining on Appalachia’s forest and water resources. His articles have appeared in many publications including Historical Geography and The Geographical Review. His book entitled, Extracting Appalachia: Images of the Consolidation Coal Company, 1910-1945, talks about his newest area of research--the role coal companies have played in manufacturing images of Appalachia through the use of photos.

University of Texas Professor Richard Francavigila wrote, “Extracting Appalachia brings together two great traditions of inquiry -- history and geography. By creatively interpreting a rich collection of coal company photographs, Buckley helps us better understand the power and meaning of mining in everyday early twentieth-century life.”

This event is free to the public.


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NOTE TO EDITORS: This press release was written by the following students at Concord University: Elizabeth Terry of Peterstown and Kasey Peters of Princeton.