Annual Honors Banquet Held at Concord

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May 03 2007

CONTACT: Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing

Note to Editor: All hometowns are West Virginia unless noted otherwise.

Annual Honors Banquet Held at Concord

Athens, W.Va. - The Cardinal Key and Blue Key Honor Societies of Concord University hosted the forty-sixth annual Honors Banquet, Tuesday, May 1, 6:30 p.m. in the State Room of the Student Center.

Invited guests included those graduating with honors and those receiving special honors, awards or prizes in their field, as well as Concord University President, Dr. Jerry Beasley, and his wife Mrs. Jean Beasley; Vice President and Academic Dean, Dr. Dean Turner; Professor of Mathematics, Emerita, Ms. Mary Edna Beckett; and President Emeriti, Dr. Joseph F. Marsh. Ms. Beckett and Dr. Marsh started the Honors Banquet 46 years ago in 1961.

Representing Blue Key Society, Benjamin Hatfield, served as emcee for the event.

Ms. Cecilia Fizer, assistant professor of mathematics and sponsor for Cardinal Key, welcomed the guests and offered an invocation in thankfulness.

Vice President and Academic Dean, Dr. Dean W. Turner, welcomed the guests to the banquet. He said, “Bravo to you for all your accomplishments and achievements that we will recognize this evening!” Next, he announced the valedictorians and those graduating with honors in December 2006 and the candidates for graduation for May 2007 and August 2007.

He also announced the names of students who received academic honors for excelling in their field of study and for high academic performance.

Those who excelled included:

VALEDICTORIAN FOR DECEMBER 2006: Megan Tuggle Jones of Peterstown

VALEDICTORIANS FOR SPRING 2007: Amanda Elizabeth Barie of Princeton; Kira Marie Bailey of Huntington; Stephen Daniel Taylor of Spencer; Rebecca Aileen Ball of Oak Hill; Kelsey Jade Craft of Princeton; and James Bryan Gibbs of Princeton.

Ms. Rosalie S. Peck, president of the Concord Alumni Association, presented plaques to the valedictorians in attendance.

LUCY SNEED DeNUZZO AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE-Will be presented to Jessica Puckett (who was unable to attend) by Dr. Dean W. Turner

OUTSTANDING BUSINESS STUDENT OF THE YEAR-Presented to Amanda Williams of Beckley by Mr. John Fazio

OUTSTANDING TEACHER EDUCATION MAJOR-Presented to Alisha D. Alvis of Athens by Dr. Kathryn L. Liptak

OUTSTANDING HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJOR-Presented to Zachary Dotson of Shady Spring by Dr. Angie Edwards

ELLA HOLROYD MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-Presented to Matthew Browning by Dr. Timothy Mainland

DAVID S. ROTH MEMORIAL OUTSTANDING ENGLISH MAJOR AWARD-Presented to Amanda Barie of Princeton by Dr. Elizabeth H. Roth

JAMES B. SHREWSBURY JR. AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE-Presented to Amanda Barie of Princeton by Dr. Elizabeth H. Roth

DAVID S. ROTH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP-Presented to Amber McCoy of Wilmington, Del., by Dr. Jonathan Berkey

HAWEY A. WELLS SR. BIOLOGY AWARD-Presented to Holly Damron of Oak Hill by Dr. Darla Wise

JERRY L. BLATT SCHOLARSHIP AWARD-Will be presented to Jessica Puckett (who was unable to attend) by Dr. Darla Wise

BRUCE COVEY MATHEMATICS PRIZE-Presented to Alan Pack of Hinton by Dr. Daniel W. Krider

OUTSTANDING GRADUATE IN GEOGRAPHY AWARD-Presented to Stephen Daniel Taylor of Spencer and Stephanie Lynn Young of Prospect, Pa., by Dr. George Towers

OUTSTANDING HISTORY STUDENT OF THE YEAR-presented to Stephen Daniel Taylor of Spencer by Dr. Carol Manzione


OUTSTANDING SOCIOLOGY GRADUATE OF THE YEAR-Presented to Nicholas Dolin of Madison by Dr. Tracy Luff

OUTSTANDING PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT OF THE YEAR-Presented to Kira Bailey of Huntington by Dr. Rodney Klein

THE PHILOSOPHY ESSAY PRIZE-Presented to Holly Belcher of Princeton by Dr. Thomas McKenna

OUTSTANDING SOCIAL WORK GRADUATE FOR 2007-Presented to Jennifer Crowe of Princeton by Dr. Sarah Whittaker

BONNER SCHOLARS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD-Presented to Holly Sole of Lexington Park, Md., by Dr. J.D. Smith

HONORS PROGRAM GRADUATE RECOGNITION: Presented to Edmond Amoye of Nigeria, Katherine McCollum of Mannington, Aurelia Rose of Warrenton, Va., Stephen Taylor of Spencer, Stephanie Young of Prospect. Pa., and Amanda Woods of Charleston by Dr. Carol Manzione

Dr. Jerry Beasley closed the event with the following remarks: “This evening brings generations together in a way that…we are reminded that we are a community of people who are excited about learning. Being here with Dr. Marsh and Professor Beckett…reminds us that we are involved in something exciting that goes on for a lifetime. Each one of you students who are about to leave us, we thank you for what you have taught us, and obviously we fervently hope that something you have learned here will serve you well for the rest of your lives.”


Corrie McKee a junior majoring in English and journalism wrote this news release.