Employees Recognized for Years of Service at CU

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May 10 2007

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Employees Recognized for Years of Service at CU

Athens, W.Va. – On Tuesday, May 8, Concord University President, Dr. Jerry Beasley, congratulated employees who had reached five-year benchmarks for service and employment at the institution. The 2 p.m. ceremony was held in the State Room of the Student Center on campus.

In addition to the attendance of other faculty and staff, Dr. George Towers brought his upper division Urban Geography class of 20 students, mostly geography majors, to join in celebrating Dr. Jan Westerik’s 15th year of service to Concord University, as well as the other award recipients; “Most of my students have been taught by Dr. Westerik, so I figured their attendance would show the amount of gratitude they have towards his dedication to Concord.”

Having an annual service award ceremony is just one way that Concord can thank its employees for their commitment to the institution.

Dr. Beasley addressed the student attendees at the celebration: “I basically thank those who have taught and served students, like you, for the things that they have done for you that the rest of us don’t see,” the President expressed. “In fact, the things that matter are the things that the rest of us don’t see, the things that you know about and will carry with you for the rest of your life, the unseen things that people have done to boost your career here.”

The following employees received recognition for completing five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years.

Recipients of the five-year service awards were Nancy Burton, Michael Craighead, Bradley Poling, and Darrick Scott.

Recipients of the 10-year service awards were John Ferguson, Sid Hatfield, Christy Lamb, and Tara Taylor.

Recipients of the 15-year service awards were Cecilia Fizer, David Hill, James Johnston, William O’Brien, John Spencer, and Jan Westerik.

Recipients of the 20-year service awards were Danny Honaker, Muhammad Islam, Margaret Lamb, Carl Rose, Elizabeth Roth, and Billy Skeen.

Recipients of the 25-year service awards were James Bowles, Robert Curry, William Johnson, Gary Keaton, Sue Reedy, and James Richardson.

Recipients of the 30-year service awards were Stuart Hill and David Seal.

Dr. Daniel Krider received an award for 35 years of service.

Dr. Beasley concluded, “We are here to thank those who have served and served well.”


PHOTO: Jan Westerik, Bill O’Brien

PHOTO: Darrick Scott, Nancy Burton

PHOTO: Christy Lamb, John Ferguson

Kayla Ward, a senior graduating this semester as a double major in English, wrote this news release. Her hometown is Athens