Concord Students Honor Math Prof with Friedl Award

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May 16 2007

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Concord Students Honor Math Prof with Friedl Award

Athens, W.Va. – Dr. Daniel Krider, professor of mathematics, was named by the students as the recipient of the Joseph Friedl Award.

In recognition of former Professor Joseph Friedl, the Student Government Association (SGA) established this award in his honor. It is given yearly to a faculty member who is not only an outstanding teacher, but also involved with students outside of the classroom. Award recipients are professors realizing the importance of both excellent teaching in the classroom and social interaction with students outside of the classroom.

Dr. Krider was formally recognized at the last meeting of the Student Government Association on May 2 in the State Room of the Student Center with a presentation of his award. He received a standing ovation.

“I would like to express my gratitude. This means a lot to me. I know it’s a cool thing to say that personal recognition does not mean anything…but this does mean something to me,” he stated. He went on to say that his reasons included the quality of past recipients of the award and that this is the only award where students get together to select a faculty member to honor.

“I can say that Concord is lucky to have professors who are working who still believe in students, who care about their concerns, and who act as if the twentieth time of teaching a class is just as important as teaching the first,” said Devon Stewart of Clear Fork, vice president of the SGA for both 2006-07 and 2007-08 and chair of the Friedl Award Committee.

Nominations from students are required to provide an explanation for why they believe their professor is deserving of this honor, especially how he or she has demonstrated the characteristics attributed to Friedl.

Stewart read aloud some of the comments from the nomination forms at the event. They included, “He is a magnificent example of what a professor should be. His many years of service to Concord demonstrates his dedication to the students.” Another said that you could replace the history of the award listed on the nomination form with Dr. Krider’s name and change the verbs to present tense, and “it would still make sense.”


PHOTO: SGA Vice President Devon Stewart of Clear Fork, Professor of Mathematics Daniel W. Krider


Joseph Friedl grew up in McDowell County and served as coach of then Concord College’s basketball, track, and football teams for different periods of time during his tenure. He was a coach of firsts, including coaching the first Concord team to reach the playoffs in their athletic conference, first to coach an All-American player from Concord, and first to coach an African-American athlete at Concord. In 1998, Friedl was inducted into the Concord Athletics Hall of Fame.

The following have received the Friedl Award since its inception: 2006-07 Dr. Daniel Krider, 2005-06 Dr. Tracy L. Luff, 2004-05 Dr. George Towers, 2003-04 Dr. Charles Britchford, 2002-03 Dr. John David Smith, 2001-02 Dr. Andrew Necessary, 2000-01 Dr. Danette P. Light, 1999-2000 Dr. Carol Manzione, 1998-99 Theodore “Ted” Farrish, 1997-98 Dr. David R. Bard, 1996-97 William R. Crandall, 1995-96 Dr. Thomas F. Tierney, 1994-95 Randy Budd, 1993-94 Dr. Winton Covey, 1992-93 Michael P. Federici, 1991-92 Dr. David R. Bard, 1987-91 Jerry L. Corley, 1986-87 Dr. Joseph T. “Joe” Manzo, 1985-86 Dr. Harriett S. Wright, 1984-85 Dr. Jack McMichael, and 1983-84 Dr. David R. Bard.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Jesse Call a senior majoring in political science and history wrote this press release. His hometown is Pocahontas, Va.