“Trading Spaces at CU”: CU President and Two Freshmen to Experience Life from a New Perspective

For Immediate Release: 
Aug 18 2008

CONTACT: Loretta Young, Associate Vice President for Development
1-304-384-5257, foundation@concord.edu

Kati Whittaker, Director of Alumni Affairs
1-304-384-5348, alumni@concord.edu

“Trading Spaces at CU”: CU President and Two Freshmen to Experience Life from a New Perspective

Athens, W.Va. – Although the trade doesn’t have national syndication or ratings, there may be an opportunity for a local audience as Concord University’s new president, Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, and two incoming freshmen, one from Ravenswood, W.Va., and another from Lynch Station, Va., trade living spaces for one week.

“Trading Spaces” is a syndicated program that has aired on national cable channels. Neighbors trade houses, choose a room and decorate according to their taste within an established budget.

Concord’s exchange doesn’t exactly match the cable program paradigm because policies in the dorms prohibit excessive decorating. There may, however, be a “budget” and “decorating” in the form of a challenge to raise money to upgrade a lounge in Wooddell Hall, a traditional men’s residence hall with esthetic “challenges.”

Concord’s new president wants to experience, first hand, the check-in process from a freshman’s point-of-view. He will register, move in, attend orientation, sleep, “study” and socialize in the dorm, eat in the cafeteria, and walk to “class” (work in his case) for a total of seven days or 168 hours. The countdown begins at noon, Saturday, August 23 and ends Saturday, August 30 … precisely at noon.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know our Concord students,” noted Dr. Aloia.

The freshmen will do likewise; except they will be staying in Dr. Aloia’s home. Dr. Aloia’s wife, Mary, has graciously agreed to house the new Concord students and serve as their surrogate “mom” away from home. “Having seven children with four in college gives me a good point of reference for the care and feeding of hungry college students,” she remarked! “We’ll talk about the challenges of living away from home for the first time.”

Associate Vice President for Development Loretta Young and Director of Alumni Affairs Kati Whittaker are working together to raise money for improvements in a lounge in Wooddell Hall. Here’s how it works: Do you think Dr. Aloia will be able to stay the whole week in the dorm? If so, call in a pledge of $168. Will he make it through Wednesday? If so, then pledge $72.

Ms. Young said: “We look forward to hearing from the community. Dr. Aloia has recognized a need for improvements to the residence halls at Concord, and he has created a unique, fun-filled way to begin to resolve it. Money raised from “Trading Spaces at CU” will go toward much needed upgrades in the dorms. Please lend your support to President Aloia as he strives to make Concord a better place for our students to live and learn. Have some fun and meet the challenge – how long will he survive the student lifestyle?”

Alumni and friends of Concord may contact either Loretta Young (development@concord.edu, 1-304-384-5257) or Kati Whittaker (alumni@concord.edu, 1-304-384-5348) and pledge support for “Trading Spaces at CU.”

Aloia will be writing a blog, accessible on Concord’s web site, www.concord.edu.

Supporters may mail their checks to: “Trading Spaces at CU,” Concord University Foundation, Inc., PO Box 1405, Athens, WV 24712-1405.