Faculty, Staff and Students Honored for Teaching, Creativity, Service and Research

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Jun 08 2009

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Faculty, Staff and Students Honored for Teaching, Creativity, Service and Research

Athens, W.Va. – Concord University celebrated the art of teaching, the discipline of scholarship/creativity, and the gift of service as students, faculty and staff were recognized at a convocation held Wednesday, April 22 at 6 p.m. in the Main Theater of the Alexander Fine Arts Center. (Research activities were recognized on Thursday, April 23, and information will be released separately on those efforts.)

The Concord University Symphonic Band under the direction of Ms. Laura Zamzow launched the celebration, and Dr. Gregory F. Aloia, president, welcomed those in attendance and noted the importance of recognizing the efforts of students, faculty and staff at Concord.

Next, Dr. Joseph T. “Joe” Manzo, professor of geography and Professor of the Year for 2005 in West Virginia, delivered inspiring remarks. He said, in part, “I have served under three presidents and this is the first time we as a faculty have been recognized collectively for our work—and that’s good. The phrase ‘community of scholars’ represents empty words if we don’t believe and trust in the fact that we all have value as teachers and understand that we are all important if we truly are a university.”

President Aloia introduced nominations for the “Art of Teaching,” including Dr. Kathy J. Hawks, associate professor of education; Dr. Lauri Reidmiller, assistant professor of art; and Dr. Santina S. St. John, assistant professor of education.

Dr. Kathy Hawks, who was unable to attend, was selected for the award. Along with teaching, Hawks serves on the advisory board for RESA I and has written the CU assessment plans for the institution’s reading specialist program. She also volunteers as an interpreter for the hearing impaired.

President Aloia next introduced the nominations for the “Discipline of Scholarship/Creativity.” They were Dr. Joseph L. Allen, associate professor of geology; Mr. James E. Biggs, instructor in art, Dr. Eloise M. Elliott, professor of physical education; and Dr. William Williams, assistant professor of education.

Dr. Joseph Allen, associate professor of geology, was recognized for the scholarship and creativity award. An accomplished researcher, Allen has presented his research at top national and international conferences and has generated income for the institution as a grant writer and grant recipient.

President Aloia said, “The reason we stop and celebrate is so that we may never forget the role that we have with our students and community as a whole.”

Next, the Concord Collegiate Singers, under the direction of Mr. Joshua Miller, director of choral activities and vocal studies and assistant professor of music, entertained nominees and guests at the Convocation of Scholars celebration with several a capella selections.

Dr. Jane W. Smith, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of music, then provided an overview of the importance of service after which nominees for faculty, staff and students were introduced.

Smith introduced those nominated for the faculty service award, including: Dr. Joseph Beckett, associate professor of athletic training; Dr. H. David Campbell, assistant professor of health and physical education; Dr. Hugh A. Campbell, professor of education; Dr. Darrell Crick, assistant professor of chemistry; Dr. Eloise M. Elliott, professor of physical education; Dr. Terry W. Mullins, associate professor of education; Mr. Jack D. Sheffler, assistant professor of art; and Dr. Susan M. Williams, assistant professor of recreation and tourism management.

Dr. Eloise M. Elliott was recognized for her service as a member of the faculty. Dr. Elliott works with institutional assessment and the new online health promotion master’s degree program, serves as a doctorial committee member for students at other institutions, and is an appointed member of the Governor’s Clinical Advisory Council for the Healthy Lifestyles Coalition.

“It’s because of the support of Concord not just here on campus but statewide,” Dr. Elliott said. “I really appreciate the support they give me that allows me to do these things.”

Ms. Terri H. Philpott, interim director of Student Support Services and chair of the Classified Staff Association, announced that Ms. Amy M. Pitzer, editorial assistant, was the lone nominee from the staff for the service award. She works in the University’s public relations office and represents classified staff on the institution’s Board of Governors. In addition, she serves on several state-wide committees. “Amy has always maintained high ethics in any scenario that has come her way,” stated Ms. Philpott, while introducing Ms. Pitzer. “She always thinks of what is best for Concord University and the overall Concord community.”

Ms. Pitzer stated: “This night isn’t about the individual but about exemplary behavior and the example they set for others. I accept this award on behalf of all the staff members who give tirelessly to Concord University.”

Ms. Kathy Ball, Bonner Scholars program director, announced the names of five students who were recognized for service. Because the submissions varied widely, all five students were recognized for their service activities, including: Mr. Mitch Tuggle, from Peterstown and Mr. Gavin Ward, Coal City who helped established a collegiate chapter of the United Way; Ms. Akeya Carter-Bozman from Beckley who serves as a personal advocate of the student body and for her role of student representative for the Board of Governors; Ms. Shana Mounts from Pecks Mill and Ms. Heather Hall from Pigeon Roost for organizing a campus-wide walk in conjunction with the Walk Around the World recruiting 278 walkers who raised money for AIDS, research healthcare, shoes and schools in South Africa. (Ms. Mounts and Ms. Hall were unable to attend the ceremony.)


PHOTO: Dr. Joe Allen is recognized as the recipient of the Scholarship/Creativity Award by Concord President, Dr. Gregory F. Aloia.

PHOTO: Dr. Eloise Elliott accepts the Service Award for Faculty from Dr. Jane Smith.

PHOTO: Ms. Amy Pitzer accepts the Service Award for Classified Staff from Ms. Terri Philpott.

PHOTO: Mr. Mitch Tuggle from Peterstown accepts the Service Award for Students from Ms. Kathy Ball.

PHOTO: Mr. Gavin Ward from Coal City accepts the Service Award for Students from Ms. Kathy Ball.

PHOTO: Ms. Akeya Carter-Bozman from Beckley accepts the Service Award for Students from Ms. Kathy Ball.

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