CU Foundation Recognizes Contributions of Shott Foundation and Ron Satterfield

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Jun 15 2009

CONTACT: Anita Moody, Director, Public Relations/Marketing

CU Foundation Recognizes Contributions of Shott Foundation and Ron Satterfield

Athens, W.Va. – Mr. David A. Barnette, chair for the Concord University Foundation Board of Directors, welcomed board members and special guest, R.W. “Buzzy” Wilkinson, representing the Hugh I. Shott Jr. Foundation, to its May 15 meeting.

Mr. Barnette said, “The executive committee decided to recognize the contributions of the Hugh I. Shott Foundation with our ‘Outstanding Corporate Partner’ award. The Shott family has played an important part in the growth of Mercer County and the surrounding area. That very important role continues with the efforts of the Shott Foundation, efforts that have been significant in the growth of Concord University. On behalf of the Foundation, I want to express our sincere thanks for the efforts that the Shott Foundation has extended and the monies and the time and the leadership of Buzzy Wilkinson and supporters like him who contribute to Concord’s success.”

Mr. Wilkinson, who accepted the award on behalf of the Shott Foundation, said, “We are very pleased to be able to help Concord University as it is an important part of our area. It makes major contributions, it educates our people and it is a vital component of our economy with the payrolls and training and development of our young people. The Shott Foundation is very pleased to be a part of that and hopes to be able to support the Foundation in the years going forward.”

Mr. Barnette then recognized long-time Board member, Byron “Ron” Satterfield, who was stepping down as chair of the Board’s investment committee, by saying: “One of the joys of having served on this Board for 10 years is working with Ron Satterfield. Ron has served as a Board member, chaired our investment committee and served as vice chairman. He has given us good advice…corrected my mistakes…and quite frankly, it is Ron and people like him who have made this Foundation a success. In recognition of your efforts, we have this gift for you in recognition of your service.”

Mr. Satterfield accepted the gift of a heritage desk lamp by saying: “This gives me an opportunity to look back and think—maybe I had a small part in the growth and structure of the Foundation and where we are and where we are going. I accept it on behalf of everyone who has worked on the Foundation.”

The Concord University Foundation was launched in 1987 and currently has an endowment valued at $30 million. It is managed by a board comprised of Concord University alumni and friends of the institution. Currently the Foundation assists approximately 500 students through scholarships and faculty through stipends for research and educational endeavors. Those interested in making a contribution may contact Ms. Loretta Young, executive director for the Concord University Foundation at or 304-384-5257.


PHOTO: Mr. David A. Barnette, Mr. R.W. “Buzzy” Wilkinson

PHOTO: Mr. David A. Barnette, Mr. Byron K. “Ron” Satterfield

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