Software Developed at Concord University Part of State Fair Exhibit

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Aug 11 2010

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Software Developed at Concord University Part of State Fair Exhibit

ATHENS - eigenwegTM is traveling to the state fair.

The eigenwegTM system, an innovation that provides a one-stop digital source for tourist information, will be demonstrated at Concord University’s tent at the State Fair of West Virginia Aug. 13-20, 2010. The tent will be located behind the grandstand from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Eigenweg (pronounced ike-en-vek) translated from Dutch means “my way.”

The software is a product of Concord University research and development team Dr. W.R. Winfrey, professor of mathematics, and Miranda N. Martin, a 2009 Concord graduate and Oak Hill native. Their work is based in the Rahall Technology Center on Concord’s Athens campus.

“eigenwegTM is a solution to a fundamental problem in the tourism industry, i.e. connecting brochures to digital sources of information about tourist attractions,” Winfrey said. “This is provided via a kiosk in a tourist information center, a hotel lobby, an airport, a railway station or a ferry terminal. Also, it can be provided via a smartphone and a website. The digital information is accessed via a QR code (a two-dimensional bar code) printed on a brochure or in advertising.”

Inspiration for the software came about from discussions Winfrey and Martin had with Jerry E. Berry, president of Three Rivers Travel Council and an occupant of the Rahall Technology Center’s business incubator. In his work Berry has encountered a problem with traditional printed brochures adequately reaching the tourist audience.

“Tourism literature, either a brochure or an advertisement, is limited by what can be displayed on a printed page,” Winfrey explained. “It’s not always simple to get to additional sources of information, such as the attraction’s website. It is not practical to customize brochures to a particular point of distribution.

“The eigenwegTM system offers better interaction between selected attractions and potential customers, plus an integrated view of all local attractions, large and small. It sells the region, not just individual attractions and offers a common interface for all attractions. It does not replace brochures and web sites but, instead, adds to their value,” he said. “Also, it offers affordable global access for small local attractions.”

Berry serves as distributor of the system through eigenwegUSA. He says that while the product was inspired by the tourism industry, eigenwegTM is now being used by the business world as well.
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Miranda N. Martin scans a QR code on a tourism brochure to demonstrate the eigenwegTM system. This innovative software was developed by Martin and Dr. W.R. Winfrey in the Rahall Technology Center at Concord University. Martin, whose hometown is Oak Hill, is a 2009 Concord graduate.