Concord University Update

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 01 2012

CONTACT: Sarah Dalton
Concord University
Office of Advancement
PO Box 1000, Athens, WV 24712
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Mark Stella, Concord University director of public safety, has issued the following statement:

“At approximately 11:15 a.m. on March 1, 2012 my office received an anonymous call stating that the University should be aware of a blog on a website. My department immediately followed up on the information and found that the blog or post had enough descriptive information to warrant a potential threat to Concord University.

Our Emergency Preparedness Team was activated. Multiple law enforcement and emergency agencies were contacted and responded to assist. Appropriate alerts to the campus community were disseminated. An orderly evacuation of campus occurred. A complete sweep of the entire campus was conducted by authorities and no threat was found. Campus was then reopened.

Our leadership team decided to cancel classes and requested that only essential personnel report on March 2, 2012 so that our faculty, staff and students could refocus and ensure that the campus is safe.”