Concord University Resumes Classes On Athens Campus

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 04 2012

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ATHENS, W.Va. – Classes resumed on Concord University’s Athens campus Monday, March 5 following a potential threat that closed and evacuated campus on March 1 and cancelled classes on March 2.

A threatening webpage posting led University officials to order the evacuation and closure.

Multiple law enforcement and emergency agencies conducted a complete sweep of campus and no threat was found. The campus was reopened the evening of March 1 following this search.

A thorough investigation is underway and Concord’s Office of Public Safety has increased police presence and visibility on campus.

“Please be assured that the leadership team at Concord University places as the highest priority the safety of our students and the entire campus community,” Dr. Marjie Flanigan, vice president of student affairs and dean of students, said in a letter to the Concord University community on behalf of the leadership team.

“Increased police presence on campus has been noticeable since campus reopened Thursday evening, and will continue,” she said.

Flanigan emphasized Concord’s “strong public safety department” consisting of seven uniformed police officers and back-up from the Town of Athens, Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, the WV State Police (with a Princeton detachment) and other emergency agencies.

“We have 24-hour, seven day a week security, with over 200 monitored security cameras,” she said.

Flanigan said students, faculty and staff are being urged to sign up for the University’s Emergency Text Messaging system if they aren’t already subscribers.

“We continue to ask all students, faculty and staff to subscribe to the CU Emergency Text Messaging system and continually remind them of the importance of this system. This is a key means of alerting the campus community with security and safety notices. This system was utilized on March 1,” she said. To signup go to:

For additional information on Concord’s Emergency Alert System and Public Safety visit Concord’s website at and click on the Emergency Alert System button in the upper left hand corner.

Flanigan said the University’s Emergency Preparedness Team responded according to protocol and with due diligence to the potential threat to the Athens campus on March 1.

“Appropriate alerts to the campus community were successfully disseminated utilizing the emergency alert system and other means. Multiple law enforcement and emergency agencies were contacted and responded quickly to assist in evacuating, securing and searching the campus. A very orderly evacuation of campus occurred,” she said.

“A complete sweep of campus was conducted by authorities and no threat was found. The campus was reopened following this thorough search,” she said. “Classes were cancelled on the Athens campus on Friday, March 2 to allow students, staff, and faculty to refocus.”

Concord University’s Emergency Preparedness Team is proactive in campus safety measures, Flanigan said. Team members participate in mock drills and mock activations as part of training and readiness. The team consists of representatives from across the campus community including public safety, the President’s office, housing and residence life, student affairs, academics, the student government association, public information, institutional technology, athletics, food service, the physical plant, human resources and others.

Flanigan noted that Concord’s leadership team appreciates the outpouring of support received over the last several days from parents, students, faculty, staff, the media and community members.

“It is wonderful to know that the close-knit Concord community can pull together and move forward,” she said.