Interim Governing Board to Meet in January

For Immediate Release: 
Jan 02 2001

Interim Governing Board to Meet in January

Athens, W.Va. - The Concord College interim governing board will be meeting at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, January 23, 2001, in the Concord Room in Marsh Hall.

For more information call Nancy Meade, 1-304-3884-5244.


Concord College Notes: The interim governing board is comprised of nine persons, appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate for the “interim” or transition year between SB (Senate Bill) 547 and SB 653. SB 653 will take effect July 1, 2001. In general, the intent of this legislation is to diversify and expand the economy of the state, increase the competitiveness of the state’s workforce and the availability of professional expertise by increasing the number of college degrees produced to the level of the national average and significantly improve the level of adult functional literacy. The interim governing board will ensure a smooth efficient transition to a new governing structure for Concord College.

Members of Concord’s interim governing board are: James M. Brown, Daniel C. Dunmyer, James L. Miller, R. T. “Ted” Rogers, Margaret Sayer, J. Franklin Long, Wayne Meisel, Eugene V. Fife and Dwight D. Dials.