Comedian Owen Smith to Perform at Concord

For Immediate Release: 
Jan 11 2001

Comedian Owen Smith to Perform at Concord

Athens, W.Va. - African-American Owen Smith will be performing in the College Center at Concord College on Wednesday, February 7 at 9:00 p.m.

Smith is a rising 26-year-old comedian/actor who performs between 30-40 weeks a year on the road. He has appeared in numerous commercials for companies such as Coca-Cola and Domino's Pizza. For the past two years, he was the voice used by Blockbuster Music for their holiday season commercials. He was also a guest star on ABC's hit comedy CUPID.

Smith has come a long way from his birthplace in the Bahamas. He majored in finance and Japanese language at Notre Dame and graduated in 1995 with the intention of pursuing a career in international business. A chance encounter, however, with an agent after performing at an “open mic night” in a Chicago comedy club sent him in a different direction.

Owen has the unique ability to look at the world and still paint a clean picture. He is constantly reminded by his mother to keep his jokes clean. "My mom, who is really supportive, is always telling me 'don't be cussing' and to keep my stuff mainstream," Smith says. Smith enjoys performing live comedy because it allows him to try out his material before a wide range of audiences. He writes most of his own material.

Clearly, Smith is one of the hottest young comics today! See this island native in the SUBWAY area of College Center. The show starts at 9:00 p.m. and is free to the public. For more information call 1-304-384-5311.