Concord University Awarded Science Grants

For Immediate Release: 
Jun 14 2012

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ATHENS, W.Va. - Dr. Darrell Crick, associate professor of chemistry and chairman of the Department of Physical Sciences at Concord University, received a $17,000 equipment award for “Microscale Isolation of Bioactive Natural Products” from the West Virginia IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence.

The award was used to purchase a centrifugal evaporator and an upgrade for a high performance liquid chromatograph. Both instruments are used by undergraduate students in Dr. Crick’s natural-product-based drug discovery research in Concord’s chemistry program.

Dr. Timothy Corrigan, assistant professor of physics, won two awards from the Division of Science and Research at the WV Higher Education Policy Commission that will support ongoing research in materials science.

The first award, “Atomic Force Microscope for Undergraduate Teaching and Research,” provided $20,000 to acquire new, state-of-the-art scientific equipment for student use in introductory and advanced physics courses at Concord. The second award, “Multilayer Infrared Absorber for Energy Harvesting,” provides $5000 to examine the feasibility of developing new materials that could be used to convert waste heat from engines or factories into usable energy.