Concord University Art Faculty Exhibiting At Paine Gallery

For Immediate Release: 
Feb 20 2013

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ATHENS, W.Va. - Members of Concord University’s art faculty have assembled their work into an exhibit currently on display at the Paine Gallery located in The Bluefield Art Center. The exhibition will run through March 10.

An artists reception is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Potential students are encouraged to attend and take the opportunity to interact with faculty who will be in attendance.

Throughout the year, Concord’s art department faculty members are represented in galleries, museums, and other venues and are engaged both locally and nationally in their area of specialty.

“Concord University Department of Art Faculty Exhibition 2013” displays a cross section of the research endeavors undertaken by the art faculty.

Full-time Faculty Exhibitors:

Kevin Bennington instructs graphic design and illustration courses on the Athens campus. He has expanded on his already impressive abilities with digital montage by adding interactive aspects to his work. His subject matter is aimed at drawing out a heightened awareness of the fragility in Appalachian waterways. Bennington’s work points to familiar beauty but prevents litter and pollution from becoming acceptable truths.

Jamey Biggs is represented by a mixture of functional porcelain works. He uses wood and soda fired processes to evoke contemplations of cultural identity, tradition, and levity. Biggs instructs ceramics and sculpture on the Athens campus.

Lauri Reidmiller specializes in art education. She has continued her exploration of traditional silk painting this year. Her work is characterized by bright colors, symmetrical compositions, and use of the diptych format.

Jack Sheffler is chair of the Division of Fine Arts. He is displaying his characteristic large, bold oil paintings.

Adjunct Exhibitors:

Aislinn Lowry is teaching courses in drawing and painting. She is contributing representational watercolors.

Rita Montrosse is displaying colorful nonrepresentational, mixed media paintings. She is recognized for her large compositions on paper.

Art Programs at Concord University prepare students for careers as graphic designers, educators, and artists in the fields of ceramics, illustration, photography, painting, printmaking and sculpture as well as ensuring students meet entry requirements for graduate schools.

The Concord University Art Department provides to students the instruction, facilities, equipment, and opportunities necessary to develop their skills, abilities, and historical perspectives in their chosen area of artistic specialization.