You Know You Work in Community Theater If...

For Immediate Release: 
Feb 21 2000

Athens, W.Va.

You Know You Work in Community Theater If... appear on stage wearing your own clothes. So does Jason Nagmulski who performs with the Concord Community Players. Jason, in addition to being the Director of Health and Human Resources for Mercer County has been associated with the Community Players for over twenty years. Theater is a hobby that he cherishes despite his busy schedule at the county office. He has been an integral part of the community players since he majored in Psychology at Concord College. He has performed various roles in many plays that the community theater has staged.

At present he is acting in a play by Jon Tuttle, titled 'The Hammerstone.' He plays, Murray, a middle-aged professor at an under-funded college. Though in real life Nagmulski is happily married, this role demands him to be a flirt who tries to cope up with life by dreaming about young coeds.

Accurately cast in this role is Cindy Boyce who is majoring in Communication Arts at Concord. She has acted in various theater productions at Concord. She plays, Kristi, a young college girl who has practically no interest in education and argues that business majors need not know a word about literature. In contrast in actual college life, Cindy is an officer of the Alpha Chi National Honors Society.

Similarly, there is Melanie Arellano who is really a mother of three, but plays a sinister spinster, Grace, in the play. She is a graduate of Concord and is employed at Fly-By-Nite. It is said that "you know you work in community theater if...your kids deliver your lines better than you do". Melanie agrees with this as her three kids are helping out with the stagecraft, lighting, and her lines.

Accompanying Melanie on stage is Chris Bone who has a master's degree in Fine Arts from Radford University. In the play Chris plays, Dotty, a novice Teaching Assistant though in real life she is an Adjunct Instructor of Art both at Concord and Bluefield College. Apart from acting in plays Chris enjoys bird-watching with her husband Tom Bone. Tom is also involved with the Community Players as he helps in designing the artwork for the programs.

Another couple involved with the Community Players is Ron and Linda Burgher. Ron plays the role of a dissatisfied professor, but comments that in real life he enjoys teaching at Concord College. He has his doctorate from Ohio State University and is a Professor of Communication Arts. His wife, Linda is a retired social worker and helps her husband in the backstage work for the players. In this play, Burgher’s character, Victor, is disappointed with the vast majority students who have no interest in seeking real knowledge and who have SAT scores lower than their cholesterol counts.

Jack Layne plays the role of such a disinterested student. Though in real life Jack is very much interested in academics. He recently judged a forensic speech contest in Virginia. Jack performs with the Community Players due to his interest in theater.

The Concord Community Players in addition to bringing people from different fields together, play a key social role. All the proceeds from the play will be given as scholarships to talented students pursuing theater studies. 'The Hammerstone' will be presented at Concord College at 8 p.m. February 24, 25 and 26

Reservations for the play can be made by calling the box office at 1-304-384 5101, Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The box office opens at 7 p.m. on the days of the performance. Tickets are priced $5 for adults, $4 for senior citizens, and $2 for non-Concord students


Concord College Notes: The Communication Arts department produces the College’s student newspaper, radio programming, and television programming. The department also produces theatrical and musical productions. It is organized similar to today’s modern corporation with students completing projects under both student and faculty supervision. This gives students real-world experience that focuses on accountability and responsibility.

Jatin Atre, a student in Concord College’s Communication Arts Department wrote this press release. His hometown is Pune, India. He is majoring in Communication Arts. His anticipated graduation date is May, 2001.