Concord University Veterans Advocate Steven Kennedy Named Finalist For Student Veterans Of America Award

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Jan 09 2018

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ATHENS, W.Va. – Steven Kennedy, Concord University’s Veterans Advocate, has been named a finalist for the Student Veterans of America Student Veteran of the Year award.


According to the organization’s Honors Selection Committee, the honor acknowledges Kennedy’s “dedicated work…to empower student veterans” on Concord’s campus while serving to represent them not only on the campus but in the community as well.


“Being a veteran myself, I know how strenuous military service can be,” Kennedy said. “Add that in with being away from home for months at a time and sometimes located in a foreign country, it can be tough. That is why I want to ensure that my fellow veterans have it as easy as possible once they are back at home. I know where they’ve been and I know how it is.


“No matter if we’re still in the service or not, we’re still part of a team. I think that is what makes me love my job so much, the feeling of still having that connection,” he said.


Kennedy served in the U.S. Army and continues to be part of the Army Reserves. He is majoring in Social Work at Concord and plans to graduate this spring with a bachelor’s degree. His hometown is Bradshaw, WV.


“I do anything I can to assist veterans,” he explained. “At school it can vary from homework all the way to planning a schedule for classes. Sometimes it can even be career changes, creating resumes, or applying for jobs. As for the veterans within our community, I try to keep them informed of events taking place here at Concord.”



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