Charlie Chaplin’s Comedy Featured In ‘Funny Bones’ At Concord University

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Apr 12 2018

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Presentation Sponsored by the Chuck Mathena Center


ATHENS, W.Va. – Charlie Chaplin has been making audiences laugh for over a century now, and you’ll find out why in “Funny Bones: The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin.” The program is hosted by Dan Kamin, who trained Robert Downey Jr. for his Oscar-nominated performance in “Chaplin” and created Johnny Depp’s comedy moves for “Benny and Joon.”


Kamin will unearth Charlie Chaplin’s “Funny Bones” at the Alexander Fine Arts Center at Concord University on Wednesday, April 25  at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 for the general public, and free for all Concord students, faculty and staff (with a valid I.D.). 


Kamin’s presentation at Concord is sponsored by the Chuck Mathena Center in Princeton, where he will appear the following night in “Comedy in Motion,” a program Kamin calls “a cheap evening of expensive theatre.”


One critic raved that the show was “a breathtaking display of theatricality that’s sharp, funny, and highly inventive.” “Comedy in Motion” will be presented at the Chuck Mathena Center on Thursday, April 26 at 7 p.m. 


In “Funny Bones”, a one-of-a-kind multimedia event, Kamin takes audiences on a magical excursion into Chaplin’s enchanted comic world. Following the screening of a newly restored print of “The Pawnshop,” Chaplin’s 1916 comic masterpiece, he peels the layers of the film to reveal the secrets that keep it fresh, funny and surprisingly relevant today. Chaplin’s remarkable body language and visual comedy will be featured along with visual comedy and sleight-of-hand from Kamin.


For tickets and information about “Comedy in Motion” call the Chuck Mathena Box Office at (304) 425-5128, or go to to buy online. For tickets and information about “Funny Bones” call Concord University at (304) 384-5311.


Kamin, a multifaceted artist, performs his own comedy shows in theatres and with symphony orchestras worldwide. During recent seasons, he has toured his solo show throughout America and Europe. Kamin is also the author of two acclaimed books on Chaplin.


Despite his impressive stage and screen credits, Kamin’s artistic beginnings were humble. At age twelve he began his performing career as a boy magician.


He attended Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University to study industrial design, “but when I saw the eye-popping movement illusions practiced by master mime Jewel Walker my hopes for a normal life evaporated,” he said.


The great silent comedy films of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin added more fuel to his fire, and soon Kamin was touring the country with his first original show, “Silent Comedy...Live!” Undeterred by the fact that vaudeville was long dead, he cobbled a new vaudeville circuit out of colleges, theatres, symphony orchestras and corporations.


Kamin returned to his comedy roots to write “Charlie Chaplin’s One-Man Show,” revealing the secrets of Chaplin’s comic art. Hailed as a breakthrough work, the book boasted a preface by another Chaplin fan, Marcel Marceau. Dan’s new book, “The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin: Artistry in Motion,” updates his earlier book and features an account of how he trained Downey for his Oscar-nominated performance.




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