Concord Alumnus Donates CD Collection to Concord College

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Jan 27 2002

Concord Alumnus Donates CD Collection to Concord College

Athens, W.Va. - What began as a donation of six CDs to Concord College’s Marsh Library has grown into a collection of 750, valued at more than $10,000.

When Concord alumnus Fred D. Lucas (class of 1964) made a donation of six CDs in 1995, he assumed the college had its own collection. After discovering no such collection existed, Mr. Lucas decided to start one. By 1996, he added 144 more CDs to the collection and continues to add new selections each year.

Mr. Lucas’ contributions to the collection include CDs in the genres of classical music for children, jazz and folk music from the Celtic areas, Greece, India, Africa, Appalachia, China, Japan, and the Native American nations. Mr. Lucas commented, "Since those areas have not had a classical tradition, I decided to include their folk songs. In addition, I added other classical works that the music faculty at Concord wanted me to include."

His initiative has inspired others to contribute to the project. "I was quite pleased with everyone’s cooperation," stated Lucas. "Since this collection is the only one in the area, I hope that the people of the area will not only listen to the various ensembles but that the collection will also inspire them to make beautiful music."

Regarding the importance of music, Mr. Lucas observed, "Music is an important part of our culture and can move us. We listen to jazz and are moved to dance. We listen to the Messiah by Handel or the Creation by Hayden and think of our faith. We relax and read while listening to Strauss. We also make music in our homes and with our families."

Mr. Lucas originally donated the CDs to Concord’s music department to make them available to music students. The collection became so extensive, Dr. Jane Smith, associate professor of music, decided to turn it over to the library staff, who began cataloging the collection in August. Dr. Stephen Rowe, library directory and college archivist stated that, "We have the best music CD collection in southern West Virginia." He also characterized Mr. Lucas as a Concord College gem.

Four stations have been set up in the library with CD players and headphones so that library guests may listen to the CDs. Plans are in the works for four more stations that will also play DVDs.

Having the collection in the library carries the advantage of making the CDs available to not only music students, but to all Concord students and the surrounding community. Access to library resources is available to the community by simply applying for a community user card. Those who have cards may check the CDs out of the library.

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Concord College Notes: Keith Circle, a student in Concord College’s Communication Arts Department wrote this press release. His hometown is Athens, W.Va. He is majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. His anticipated graduation date is August 2003.