Concord College Receives Congressional Grant

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 14 2000

Concord College Receives Congressional Grant

Athens, W.Va. - Senator Robert C. Byrd, (d-W.Va.) recently announced that Concord College is set to receive a Congressional Grant for $925,000 through the United States department of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). The grant will allow Concord "to develop an innovative program designed to equip new teachers with the technical skills essential for the utilization of information technologies in the classroom."

Concord has been implementing technological advancements such as providing high-speed Internet access to all residence halls and classrooms, and building electronic classrooms for instructional purposes. This grant will build on the College’s past efforts to provide state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate learning. Moreover, the college will be better prepared to meet state mandates in proposed higher education legislation that directs colleges and universities to teach students how to be successful in the new economy.

Interim Director of Teacher Education, Felecia M. Brisco, stated that, "Generally speaking, schools and teachers and children in rural areas, especially those areas that are economically depressed, are often left behind when technological advances occur. Thanks to Senator Byrd, this grant will help Concord College provide cutting-edge services to our teacher education students. It is important for teachers to stay abreast of the technology used in education, especially if we want our students to be competitive in the 21st century."

Timothy M. Barnes, director of academic computing & technologies, will manage the five-year grant for Concord. "First, I have to complete grant application forms for review by FIPSE. We will implement our program as soon as we receive approval. Some of the things we want to do include: buying state-of-the-art equipment, designing instructional programs, and staffing."

"Through this grant, Concord College will take a major step forward in making the latest computer technologies available to students and faculty in the teacher education program," Byrd said. "Coupled with the high-tech resources already available on campus, this funding will help the College to improve its teacher education program by utilizing the latest in information technologies."

"I have supported a number of initiatives like this, in Southern West Virginia and across the state, to help citizens become better prepared to succeed in this high-tech world," Byrd stated.

"The College is very grateful to Senator Byrd for providing this kind of support," stated President Jerry Beasley. "We have an excellent faculty, and this will allow them to provide even better service to our student body."

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Concord College Notes: The College has close to 200 computers in labs and classrooms for use by students. Faculty members can use one of two electronic classrooms that include ceiling mounted projectors, a custom-made teaching station, document cameras, touch screen control panels, and "smart" board technology. Concord is in the process of building a multimedia/digital production lab that will feature streaming and push technology, and ADA-specialized software. The ADA software will allow students with disabilities to utilize technology. All of Concord’s 530 residence hall rooms have high speed Internet access.