Truth, Character, and Victory Mark Alpha Chi Inductions

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 29 2002

Truth, Character, and Victory Mark Alpha Chi Inductions

Athens, W.Va. - The 33rd annual Alpha Chi spring induction ceremony was held on April 17, 2002 at 7:00 p.m. in the Concord College State Room. The Alpha Chi Honor Society was founded February 22, 1922, when representatives of five Texas institutions of higher learning met at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, to organize a society which was first known as The Scholarship Societies of Texas. By 1926, the organization had been adopted in other southern states and had changed its name to The Scholarship Societies of the South. In 1934, the group, having expanded its membership beyond the southern United States, became known as the Alpha Chi Honor Society. Since 1922, The Society has inducted over 275,000 students into its rolls.

At present, Alpha Chi consists of seven regional divisions with over 300 active chapters in 45 states and Puerto Rico. Members are also eligible to apply for the Alfred Nolle Undergraduate Scholarship (ten $2,500 scholarships awarded annually) and the H.Y. Benedict Graduate Fellowship (ten $2,500 fellowships awarded annually). Members receive copies of a quarterly newsletter as well as The Recorder, the Society’s scholarly journal of student work. Every member of the West Virginia Beta Chapter is recognized at his or her graduation.

The name of the Society, Alpha Chi, represents truth and character, personal traits exemplified by initiates to the Society and recognized by the faculty of Concord, who have nominated the students for membership in Alpha Chi. The motto of the Society is derived from John 8:32: "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." In the ceremony, initiates agreed to continue pursuing the ideal goals of truth and character. Their exemplary dedication to these ideals has resulted in the College’s recognition of them.

The Alpha Chi Society sponsor, Dr. Steven Rowe, said in his opening remarks, "We couldn’t be prouder of our Concord College students and we hope they will carry on the Alpha Chi tradition of truth, character, and victory."

The 2002 Spring initiates include: Athens, WV; Priscilla R. Byrd; Beckley, WV; Michelle L. Anderson, Carolyn J. Buzbee; Bluefield, WV; Brandy L. Bagar; Fairfax, VA; Daniel E. Mark; Fairlea, WV; Gloria A. Jones; Hinton, WV; Rinda C. Coughenour; Hissar, Bulgaria; Petranka I. Badova; New Haven, WV; Stephen J. Fraley; Ovideo, FL; Sarah M. Sumrall; Pineville, WV; Derrick S. Browning; Princeton, WV; Alan W. Najar; Roanoke, VA; Justin D. Morgan; Sophia, WV; Cheryl L. Stovall; Union, WV; Chris J. Jones, Debra A. Pugh.


Concord College Notes: Jessica Taylor, a student in Concord College’s English Department wrote this press release. Her hometown is Beckley, WV. She is majoring in English/writing with a minor in journalism. Her anticipated graduation date is May 2003.