Athens Resident Awarded Finkelman Accounting Scholarship at Concord College

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Apr 30 2002

Athens Resident Awarded Finkelman Accounting Scholarship at Concord College

Athens, W.Va. - Kristie Combs of Athens has been selected by the Concord College accounting faculty to receive the institution’s Harry Finkelman Accounting Scholarship for the 2002-2003 academic year. Combs, her husband Jackie, and her parents, Dennis and Connie Michael, were honored at a dinner on April 29, hosted by Mr. Finkelman, and wife, Estelle. Also attending the dinner were Dr. Jerry Beasley, president of Concord College, and his wife, Jean.

Combs is a 1999 graduate of PikeView High School and is a junior at Concord College where she is majoring in accounting and finance. She has a 4-year old daughter, Erica.

According to Kristie’s mother, "We are so proud of our daughter, and so far she has a 4.0 GPA (grade point average). She has never made a ‘B’ in school." Kristie attributes her good grades to her older brother who promised to buy her a car if she only made A’s. She intends to hold him at his word.

President Beasley noted, "Kristie, we are here to honor you and knowing your family makes it an even more special occasion. Kristie’s mother is a 24-year employee of Concord College. Having ‘Finkelman Scholarship recipient’ on your resumé can only mean good things for you because any accountant in the area who is worth his or her salt, recognizes and respects the Finkelman name."

The funds to create this annual scholarship came from Finkelman’s former students when he retired from his 33-year teaching career in 1981. It was the first scholarship at Concord College created by students to honor a professor. The Finkelman Scholarship was also the first Concord College scholarship created for a person who was still living. Mr. Finkelman has the distinction of being the first full-time teaching CPA in West Virginia higher education. He only recently retired as the public address announcer at all the home football games for the Concord College Mountain Lions after 51 years.

Finkelman spoke words of wisdom to Combs just before presenting her with a check for $750. "Why did I get into teaching? I had an excellent teacher. He inspired me. I am pointing this out to you, Kristie, because I hope you can go on to get your CPA, then your master’s, and that you will consider teaching. It’s a very rewarding career."

Mr. and Mrs. Finkelman will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day.

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