In Celebration of Veterans, Concord Honors One of Its Own

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Nov 12 2002

In Celebration of Veterans, Concord Honors One of Its Own

Athens, W.Va. - There will be a display of World War II memorabilia in the lower level of Marsh Library November 11 through November 22. The exhibit will be available for viewing 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The display includes "shell art," photos, slate plaques, Japanese rifles, and other information and artifacts celebrating the life and death of retired Naval officer, Lt. (j.g.) Edward Max Price. (Shell art is made from the brass shell casings ejected after firing a rifle or gun.)

Price attended Concord State College from fall 1933 to June 1935 where he served as managing editor of the Concordian, president of Chi Beta Phi, and secretary of Delta Delta Tau. It was at Concord that Price made a decision to transfer to the United States Naval Academy. While at the academy, he had the highest scholastic record in the class and received medals for scholarship and marksmanship on the rifle team. Upon his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy he was assigned to the U.S.S. Lexington as an ensign and the officer in charge of weapons in the after control station of the Lexington, where his superiors called him a "splendid officer."

Price died during the Battle of Coral Sea, May 8, 1942, while giving the command, "Keep firing!" Price’s heroics on the battlefield were set into history on October 20, 1943, when a naval ship was named after him and was said to be "…the return of Lieutenant Price’s name to America’s roster of fighters in action." There were no recorded deaths on the U.S.S. Price while it was in service.

Lt. Richard Harrison, who was Price’s junior officer and also wounded at the Battle of Coral Sea, said Price was "a very fine leader who the enlisted really liked and respected. The strength of his character could always be seen."

Dr. Steven Rowe, archivist for Concord College stated, "We are pleased to have these artifacts as they are unique to our collection."

For more information, contact Steve Rowe at 1-304-384-5366 or e-mail


Concord College Notes: Jessica Taylor, a student in Concord College’s English Department wrote this press release. Her hometown is Beckley, W.Va. She is majoring in English/writing with a minor in journalism. Her anticipated graduation date is May 2004