State Mathematics Field Day to be Held at Concord College, April 14-15

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 02 2000

State Mathematics Field Day to be Held at Concord College, April 14-15

Athens, W.Va. - The 26th Annual State Mathematics Field Day will be held April 14-15, 2000, at Concord College in Athens, W.Va. The state competition is for students in grades 4-12 with schools in each of the eight Regional Educational Service Areas (RESA) sending the three highest scoring students to represent their region in each grade level 4-9 and the ten top scoring students for grades 10-12 competition.

Regional Competition: Winners Announced

The RESA Region I Math Field Day competition was held at Concord College on March 25 to determine the top students to advance to the state level.

RESA Region I includes schools in Raleigh, Mercer, Wyoming, McDowell, Monroe and Summers counties. The state competition will include activities and games for grades 4-9 that are challenging and fun. The activities for the students in grades 10-12 are patterned after those used in The American Regions Mathematics League (ARML). All the activities for both groups have been selected according to the basic philosophy that "mathematics is truly an exciting and challenging field of study." The events in grades 4-9 include a test, mental math activities, relays, and estimation activities, which are both computational and physical in nature. Faculty from Concord College prepared activities for the 10-12 grade students. These activities include an exam, and short answer questions, which are individual events. Each RESA team will also compete in relays, a team power question, and team questions.

The students who will represent RESA Region I at the state-level competition are:

Grade 4

1. Katherine Tornwall, Raleigh

2. Shelby Merilli, Mercer

3. Maher El-Harake, Raleigh

Grade 5

1. Brian Shorts, Raleigh

2. Jonathan Michael, Raleigh

3. David White, Raleigh

Grade 6

1. Joshua Hendrix, Mercer

2. Chelsea Siegel, Raleigh

3. Lynn El-Harake, Raleigh

Grade 7

1. Lucas Stone, Mercer

2. Maya Rao, Mercer

3. Nicholas Tankersly, Raleigh

Grade 8

1. Haibo Lu, Raleigh

2. Stuart Godwin, Mercer

3. Annie Wong, Summers

Grade 9

1. Paul Broyles, Mercer

2. Jerad Bailey, Mercer

3. Adam Wriston, Raleigh

Grades 10-12

1. Noopur Gangopadhyay, Raleigh

2. David Green, McDowell

3. Jonathan Cook, Mercer

4. Kevin Baker, Raleigh

5. Evan Brooks, Mercer

6. Adam Shott, Mercer

7. Ryan Dy, Raleigh

8. Chris McGrady, Raleigh

9. Ryan Moloney, Monroe

10. Quinton Justice, McDowell

An awards ceremony is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 15, in the Alexander Fine Arts auditorium at Concord College. Parents and interested parties are invited to attend.