RBA Graduate Pat Wimmer Represents Concord in Charleston

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 05 2000

RBA Graduate Pat Wimmer Represents Concord in Charleston

Athens, W.Va. - The 25th Annual Celebration for the Regents Bachelor of Arts Program was held at the state capital in Charleston, W.Va., Tuesday, February 22. Colleges in West Virginia selected a recent RBA graduate to represent their institution. Pat Wimmer was selected to represent Concord. Presidents from all West Virginia colleges were also present at the celebration. West Virginia’s First Lady Hova Underwood hosted a lunch at the governor’s mansion for the attendees after the celebration.

"This program gave me the opportunity to use my professional experiences—public speaking, office skills, personnel training, military skills—to earn credit toward a degree," stated Ms. Wimmer. "Then, I took classes on campus, and received my RBA in 1995. My degree allowed me to qualify for the position of coordinator of student support services here at Concord. I would suggest that other ‘non-traditional’ students look at the Regent’s program. This program gives us an opportunity to achieve something that otherwise would be out of reach for many of us that work."

Many have graduated from West Virginia institutions with a Regent’s degree. For information about pursuing a Regent’s degree from Concord, call 1-304-384-5243.


Concord College Notes:
The Regent’s Bachelor of Arts is a non-traditional program designed for adults who are interested in obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The RBA program may be appropriate for persons who have gained knowledge outside the traditional classroom setting that is comparable to the knowledge traditionally gained in the classroom. This knowledge is demonstrated by the student through a written resume of experiences, which is evaluated by the Concord College faculty.