The 11 Bi-Annual McNair Scholars Symposium

For Immediate Release: 
Apr 24 2003

The 11 Bi-Annual McNair Scholars Symposium

Athens, W.Va. - The McNair Scholars Program is a federal TRIO program designed to prepare students to participate in doctoral study programs. The program provides enriching experiences to prepare undergraduates for doctoral study including a research internship, seminars and workshops, interactions with faculty and the opportunity to attend and present their research at national meetings. Although the program provides a stipend to allow students to pursue a summer research project, McNair is not a scholarship program. Eligible students must be enrolled in a degree-granting program and either economically disadvantaged, first generation college students or members of a group that is underrepresented in graduate school.

On Tuesday, April 15, six students presented the results of their research to their colleagues at the 11 Bi-annual McNair Scholars Symposium held in the Main Theater of the Alexander Fine Arts Center at 11p.m.

Students conducted research projects in their field-of-study under the direction of a faculty member who served as their mentor.

Presenters included: Laura Stokes, Mabscott, W.Va., Religious Affiliation and the Identity of College Students, Mentor, Dr. Ellen Darden; Cheryle Boggs, Alderson, W.Va., Investigation of Geologic Features in the Princeton Sandstone and Upper Hinton Formation Using Ground Penetrating Radar, Mentor, Dr. Joe Allen; Tonya Payne, English, W.Va., Survey and Biology of Butterflies in the Athens Lake Region, Mentor, Dr. Roger Sheppard; Bryan Grose, Lansing, W.Va., The Effect of Wal-Mart on Southern West Virginia’s Economy, Mentor, Dr. Chris Ziemnowicz; Ashli Taylor, Moyers, W.Va., The Making of a Psychopath: The Effects of Nature and Nurture, Mentor, Dr. Karen Griffee and Nancy Sloan, Alderson, W.Va., The Princeton Formation, Mentor, Dr. Joe Allen.

For information on the McNair Program, contact Lisa Karnes at 1-304-384-6019 or e-mail