"If You're Not On the Computer, You're Not 'With It', - Regardless of Age!"

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Apr 11 2000

"If You're Not On the Computer, You're Not 'With It', - Regardless of Age!"

Athens, W.Va. - Ms. Ferrell Mundy’s enthusiastic statement represented the feelings in the room as Senior Citizens from across the nation learned about computer technology this past Monday, April 10, 2000, at Concord College. Mundy, from Charleston, W.Va., continued, "I have learned so much that I am going to go home and take my computer out of the closet! I belong to a writer’s guild, and now I can use the Internet to help with my research. I also learned how to use the spell-checker to avoid misspelled words."

Mundy was on the Athens Campus as part of the Annual Senior Citizens Spring Fling, held at Pipestem State Park in Summers County. The four-day event allows senior citizens to take advantage of attractions in southern West Virginia. The program started in 1983, and anywhere from 90-100 people generally participate. The Seniors get to try different crafts, and enjoy musical and theatrical entertainment—West Virginia style. According to Frank Ratcliffe, program coordinator for the park, "I sent invitations to Seniors in all 50 states. We have folks from West Virginia, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other states. This is the first time we have had a computer class, and the people loved it!"

"I think this program is a great part of the Spring Fling. Everyone is nice, and the campus is beautiful," continued Mundy.

"Tomorrow, we will take the seniors to attractions in the Talcott area; they will get to see the statue of John Henry, the Big Bend Tunnel, and Graham House, " mentioned Program Coordinator Ratcliffe.

"The College lets other organizations use our facilities," stated Tim Barnes, director of academic computing and technologies. "We have 15 workstations, including a state-of-the-art ADA station, and we are glad that we can be of service to Pipestem State Park. Everyone was very impressed—and some were surprised—that we have the latest technology in southern West Virginia."

For more information about computer technologies, call 1-304-384-5365.


Photo #1:
Ferrell Mundy of Charleston, W.Va., learns about computers at Concord College.

Photo #2:
Senior citizens surf the 'net at Concord.