Local Residents Form Concord Alumni Chapter

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Sep 10 2003

Local Residents Form Concord Alumni Chapter

Athens, W. Va. - A new local chapter of the Concord College Alumni Association—the Pine Trees Chapter—was officially formed during a meeting on September 4. Nearly 60 alumni attended the social and meeting, hosted at the Mercer County Vocational Seminar Center.

Enthusiasm marked the occasion, as local alumni brainstormed on how they could assist the College and its students as well as network with other Concord alumni.

A business meeting was held to elect officers, a board of directors, county representatives and adopt chapter bylaws.

Officers are: President Mark Wills ’77; Vice-President George Keatley ’58; Secretary Tammie Toler ’99 and Treasurer Bill Sherwood ’72.

The board of directors are: Homer Ball ’48, Phillip Ball ’86, Harold Wolfe ’88, Rosalie Peck ’63, Jim White ’60, Ruth Boyd ’73, Jack Stafford ’59, Margaret Ann Scott ’49, Sunshine Gabriel ’46, Greg Prudich ’82, Don Caruth ’72, Ginny Ware ’88, Sam Hill ’90, Phil Jeffries ’58, Marguerite Brown ’48, Peyton Hurst ’47, Tony Colobro ’48, Mullie Mulheren ’54.

County representatives are: Charlie Akers ’49, Fayette County; Bill Baker ’62, Raleigh County; Jim Leslie ’69, Summers County and Sonnie Phillips ’50, Wyoming County.

A steering committee worked for nearly a year to form the Pine Trees Organization. Steering committee members included: Homer Ball ‘48, Margaret Ann Scott ‘49, Linda Cox ‘72, Beryle Santon ‘50, George Keatley ‘58, Ruth Boyd ‘73, Tammie Toler ’99, Sunshine Gabriel ‘46, Carol McClaugherty ’69, Alicia Hypes ’95, Michael Cisco ’97 and Phillip Ball ’86.

Local graduates of Concord are encouraged to get involved with the chapter.

For more information, contact the Concord College alumni office, 1-304-384-5348 or alumni@concord.edu.


PHOTO #1: Pine Trees Chapter Officers: Secretary Tammie Toler, Vice President George Keatley, Treasurer Bill Sherwood, and President Mark Wills

PHOTO #2: Pine Trees Steering Committee: Homer Ball, Margaret Ann Scott, Linda Cox, Beryle Santon, George Keatley, Ruth Boyd, Sunshine Gabriel