Travel and Study in the United Kingdom, Earn Six Credit Hours From Concord

For Immediate Release: 
Sep 24 2003

Travel and Study in the United Kingdom, Earn Six Credit Hours From Concord

Athens, W. Va. – Concord College Professors James White and David Bard will be conducting a travel study course in England in July 2004. The course, for six hours credit, will focus on a study of British history, theater and culture. The “reading” portion of the class will be completed during the spring 2003 term, with the lecture portion of the class during the time in England.

The trip will be three weeks, July 19 through August 10. The program is based at Schiller University in London, and will include trips to Scotland and Wales; students will also have the option to spend the final weekend of the program in Paris. In addition to the aforementioned travel, the program will include morning lectures, afternoon trips to points of interest in downtown London, and evening cultural events, including trips to the theater.

The trip will cost $3,200 per student. The weekend trip to Paris will be an additional charge. A $100 deposit is required to make a reservation, with a $500 payment due December 1, 2003, and a $1,000 payment due March 15, 2004.

“I was fortunate to participate in a study-abroad program when I was an undergraduate, and I am very proud that Concord has developed such a great program for our students at a price that recognizes the financial challenges our students and our College face,” stated Dr. White.

For more information contact either: Dr. James White, assistant professor of political science, 1-304-384-6061, or Dr. David Bard, professor of history, 1-304-384-5232,