High School Students Win Awards at Concord Business Challenge

For Immediate Release: 
Oct 22 2003

High School Students Win Awards at Concord Business Challenge

(EDITOR: All high schools are located in West Virginia unless otherwise noted. Teachers or counselors are noted after the school name in parentheses.)

Athens, W. Va. - The Concord College Division of Business hosted the Tenth Annual Concord Business Challenge, Thursday, October 16, 2003.

A total of 230 students from 11 schools participated.

Dr. Kendra Boggess, associate professor of business and division chairperson announced the following winners.

FAYETTE PLATEAU VO-TECH (Karen Lockett, Mark Caldwell): Tanya Humphrey, third place, advanced keyboarding; Sarah Vandall, second place, keyboarding

GRAHAM-Va. (Michelle Dilley): Nathan Belcher, first place, economics; Jeremy Jones, first place, business finance; Amy Prieto, first place, business law; Liz Skidmore, first place, business math; Zain Qazi, third place, economics

GREENBRIER EAST (Sharon Wolfe, Dalen Whitt): Derek Bostic, first place, marketing principles; Ashley Craske, second place, management principles; Chad Cutlip, first place, web design; Jennifer Flaim, third place, accounting; Rachel Issenberg, second place, business finance; Nicole Morgan, first place, accounting; Jamie Richmond, third place, marketing principles;

Matthew Ridgeway, second place, marketing principles; Ryan Vauce, second place, accounting

GREENBRIER WEST (Norma Cole, Martha McClung): Raymond McClelland, first place, creative marketing; Erin Spencer, second place, creative marketing; Kristin Tuckwiller, third place, MS Office concepts; Savannah Workman, third place, creative marketing

NARROWS (Gayle Kirby, Teresa Lowe): Jeff Graham, second place, business law

PIKEVIEW (Glenda Lawson): Brandon Jenkins, third place, keyboarding

PRINCETON: Josh Buckner, second place, economics; Bryan Henderson, third place, current business events, first place, scholarship winner; Tim Hopper, first place, web design

RICHLANDS-Va. (Brenda Street, Patti Fuller): Danica Angles, first place, keyboarding; Whitney Dorton, first place, MS Office concepts; Joshuah Hess, third place, business math; Amy Kabaria, second place, current business events; Rushita Patel, first place, advanced keyboarding, second place, business math; Arthur Thompson, first place, current business events, first place, business computer literacy

SHADY SPRING (Anna Hatcher, Antonia Lovell): Ryan Carnell, second place, advanced keyboarding; Wyatt Epp, second place, business computer literacy, second place, MS Office concepts;

Whitney Humphreys, third place, business law; Sara Noland, first place, management principles

SUMMERS COUNTY (Bob Mazella, Harry Keaton): Caleb Bradberry, third place, business finance, third place, business computer literacy; Jayme Whitten, third place, management principles

The 10th Annual Concord Business Challenge overall winning schools were: Richlands-Va., (Brenda Street, Patti Fuller) first place, Greenbrier East (Sharon Wolfe, Dalea Whitt), second place and Graham-Va., (Michelle Dilly), third place.

Scholarships were won by: Bryan Henderson, Princeton; Justin Snedegar, Greenbrier East and Amy Prieto, Graham-Va. Students may receive up to $4,000 in a renewable scholarship by maintaining a 3.0 grade point average, and remaining in good standing with the College.

Mercer Christian Academy (Max Benson) also participated.

Concord business majors who assisted with the business challenge included Eve Bowling, Princeton; Derrick Browning, Pineville; Jamie Carrol, Quinwood; Cindy Chaffins, Bluefield, Va.; Heather Elliott, Matewan and Sushant Shresha, Nepal.

Business division personnel who participated in the Challenge included: Bonnie Brown, event coordinator and administrative secretary senior; Charles D. Autry, assistant professor of accounting; Kendra Boggess, division chairperson of business and associate professor of business; D. William Deck Jr., associate professor of business; John Fazio, temporary instructor of management; Muhammad M. Islam, professor of finance; Johnnie Linn III, assistant professor economics; Nancy Niles, associate professor of business; Tammy D. Reed, secretary; Susan B. Robinett, associate professor of business; Billy R. Skeen, associate professor of accounting; Gina M. Sturgill, associate professor of accounting and Christopher H. Ziemnowicz, associate professor of business.

Dr. Boggess stated that, “The purpose of the Concord Business Challenge is to bring together high school students for a day of demanding academic contests. Their teachers are provided seminars that relate to cutting edge issues in business education as well. The day provides students an opportunity to meet young people from other high schools and it allows them to test themselves in a broader context than is normally found in their own classes. The students arrive filled with school spirit, ready to support one another and it is exciting to see the reactions of the many winners! We are proud of every visiting student.”