Fishing, Fishing Tales and Big Hearts - Sports Men and Women Establish Scholarship at Concord

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Apr 17 2000

Fishing, Fishing Tales and Big Hearts - Sports Men and Women Establish Scholarship at Concord

Athens, W.Va. - The group of about 30 fisher-men and –women gathered and enjoyed fried trout, hush puppies and coleslaw. . .and, made college a reality for future generations of Concord College students who need financial help by endowing a scholarship this past Thursday, April 13, in Peterstown, W.Va.

Mercer Anglers Club Scholarship Committee Chairman Floyd Timson presented the check for $141,000 to Vice President for Development J. Douglas Machesney to establish the Alton Douglas/Mercer Anglers Club Scholarship. The scholarship was made in recognition of Alton Douglas’s efforts to establish and operate the Mercer Anglers Club and for his dedication to providing fishing and other recreational opportunities for generations of families from southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia.

Alton Douglas was an avid sportsman and the founder of Douglas Sporting Goods, a local business now managed by son Marlin Douglas.

Alton Douglas founded the Mercer Anglers Club in 1937. The club was formed for the purpose of improving trout fishing in southern West Virginia. The first meetings were held in a small building located in the back yard of Douglas Sport Shop at 501 Mercer Street, Princeton, W.Va. Soon after the club began, the club began holding fish fries on the New River. Alton talked the club into purchasing property on Pigeon Creek, near Oakvale, W.Va., for the purpose of developing a trout hatchery. With the help of members volunteering their time, a hatchery was born.

In March 1964, Alton Douglas convinced the board of directors to purchase the old Wilson Farm and Mill Dam, which is at the head of Rich Creek in Lindside in Monroe County. He then began putting together the trout hatchery now known as the Trout Lodge and Hatchery. Sale of this facility generated funding for the Alton Douglas/Mercer Anglers Scholarship.

Concord’s Doug Machesney stated that, "Scholarship committee members Marlin Douglas, Clarence Oxley, Robert Bell, and Floyd Timson realize the importance of making education accessible to future generations of Concord students. We appreciate the generosity of the Mercer Anglers Club and thank them on behalf of the students who will benefit. This is a great way for them to support Concord College."

For information about scholarships and attending Concord College, call toll-free 1-800-384-5249 or 1-304-384-5248, or log on to


Group Photo:
(L. to R.) Representing Concord College, Dr. Doug Machesney. Mercer Anglers Scholarship Committee Members: Marlin Douglas, Floyd Timson, Robert Bell, and Clarence Oxley.

Presentation Photo:
Mercer Anglers' Marlin Douglas presents the scholarship check to Concord's Doug Machesney.