Concord Alumnus’ Estate Supports Interfaith Chapel Effort at Concord

For Immediate Release: 
Mar 07 2004

Concord Alumnus’ Estate Supports Interfaith Chapel Effort at Concord

Athens, W. Va. -- Plans for a Concord College interfaith chapel came one step closer to reality as a result of a generous gift from the estate of a Concord College alumnus, Londa Lloyd Moye.

At a recent luncheon, college officials received a gift of $100,000 designated by Moye for use in establishing an interfaith chapel at Concord College. Philip Thompson, nephew of Moye, presented the gift on behalf of his uncle’s estate. The Moye gift comes at a significant time when there has been much activity in efforts to establish an interfaith chapel.

Tom Bone III of Athens chairs the Concord College Interfaith Chapel Foundation, which is beginning a fundraising and awareness campaign to renew support of the project, which was begun more than 50 years ago.

The Chapel will house an interfaith chapel space, a museum and offices. The public spaces will be available for use by faith-based groups represented on campus and will serve as a meeting place for services, personal worship and study.

Bone said, “Mr. Moye was obviously a thoughtful, generous citizen who wanted to make a lasting difference in his community. We are most grateful for his years of support. We recently secured the services of an architectural firm, E.T. Boggess, Inc., to accomplish the construction plans, and this gift is very timely in helping reach our goal.”

Philip Thompson said of his uncle's decision to donate to Concord, "He was very proud of his alma mater. He thought Concord College was a real ‘gem’ in Mercer County. Lloyd remained active in the College’s Alumni Association after he graduated from Concord College in 1958."

Loretta A. Young, associate vice president for development at Concord, said of Moye, "I always considered him to be a dream builder. We enjoyed our association with Lloyd Moye over the years. He gave generously to Concord College throughout his life. He gave with no strings attached other than that of serving his alma mater."

Moye, a Matoaka native, graduated from Princeton High School in 1946 and received his business degree from Concord in 1958, after service in the U.S. Air Force. He served on the Board of Directors for the Concord College Foundation and later as a trustee. He was also active in the Princeton Elks. Moye died in 2002.

Also included in the bequest was a gift of $169,550 for the College’s athletic department, and $376,400 designated for scholarships, making Moye’s gift one of the largest single gifts to the Concord College Foundation.


PHOTO: Concord Athletic Director Steve Lee; Interfaith Chapel Foundation President Tom Bone; Philip Thompson, nephew of L. Lloyd Moye; Concord President Jerry Beasley