Concord Employees Honored for Years of Service—Offs Receives Standing Ovation

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Mar 28 2004

Concord Employees Honored for Years of Service—Offs Receives Standing Ovation

Athens, W.Va. – Dr. Dean Turner, vice president and academic dean, welcomed close to 40 guests to the Concord College Service Awards Ceremony, which provided a forum for the College to honor employees for their years of service. Employees received special commemorative pins as a tribute to their service.

“The 68 people that we are honoring have a combined 900 years of service to Concord College as of September 2003,” stated Dr. Turner.

Turner emceed the ceremony on behalf of College President Jerry Beasley who had an out-of-town meeting.

Those honored for 5 years of service included: Dr. Joseph Allen, Dr. Ronald Canturbury, Robin Clevers, Katrina Cox, Michael Curry, Rick Dillon, Dr. Rodney Klein, Dr. Danette Light, Mitzi Litton, Dr. Carol Manzione, Dr. Joseph Manzione, Dr. Tonya McKinney, Steve Meadows, Tammy Monk, Terry Moulder, Dr. Andrew Necessary, Angela Nickels, Kenny Osborne, Dr. Roy Ramthum, Dr. Stephen Rowe, Dr. John David Smith, Lisa Swaney, Cheryl Trull, Dr. James White, Dr. Darla Wise and Loretta Young.

Those honored for 10 years of service included: Dr. David Baxter, Jim Cannon, Anita Conner, Patricia Hardin, Janet Heaton, William Lark, Donna Roberts, Dr. Susan Robinett, Lisa Spencer, Mark Stella, Tess Vaught, Kati Whittaker, Dr. William Winfrey and Dr. Chris Ziemnowicz.

Those honored for 15 years of service included: Dr. Kendra Boggess, Dr. Hugh Campbell, Rick Druggish, Nelda Krider, Larry Mann, Amy Pitzer, Tammy Reed, Dana Shorter, Martha Shrewsbury, Mike Shumate, Dr. Jane Smith and Alvin White, Jr.

Those honored for 20 years of service included: Diana Kirk and Carolyn Kay White.

Those honored for 25 years of service included: Gene Buckland, Steve Cox, Marcheta Gunter, Andrew Lilly, Dr. Tim Mainland, Dr. Joseph Manzo, Connie Michael, Virginia Rubinstein and Robert Turnbull.

Those honored for 30 years of service included: Wayne Gunter and Jean Mann.

Dr. Gus Cyphers was honored for 35 years of service.

Those honored for 45 years of service included: Willis Hill and Dr. Bill Ofsa.

Dr. Ofsa received a standing ovation upon receiving his service award pin for 45 years of service.


PHOTO: Dr. Dean Turner welcomes guests to the Service Awards Ceremony.

PHOTO: FIVE YEARS (l to r) Loretta Young, Darla Wise, Michael Curry, Mitzi Litton, Robin Clevers, Tammy Monk, Kenny Osborne, Cheryl Trull

PHOTO: 10 YEARS (l to r) Jim Cannon, Anita Conner, Tess Vaught, Lisa Spencer, Mark Stella

PHOTO: 15 YEARS (l to r) Amy Pitzer, Tammy Reed, Martha Shrewsbury, Kendra Boggess

PHOTO: 20 YEARS Kay White

PHOTO: 25 YEARS (l to r) Joe Manzo, Steve Cox, Andy Lilly, Marcheta Gunter, Virginia Rubinstein

PHOTO: 30 YEARS Jean Mann, Wayne Gunter

PHOTO: 35 YEARS Gus Cyphers

PHOTO: 45 YEARS Bill Ofsa