Finkelman Scholarship Awarded to Matthew Hatfield

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May 05 2004

Finkelman Scholarship Awarded to Matthew Hatfield

Athens, W.Va. - Matthew Hatfield of Jumping Branch, was awarded the Finkelman Scholarship at a dinner hosted by Harry and Estelle Finkelman on April 28, 2004, at the Bluestone Dining Room at Pipestem State Park. Also present at the dinner were Concord College President Jerry L. Beasley and his wife, Jean.

Matthew, the son of Wilma and the late Dennis Hatfield, is a graduate of Summers County High School. He is a senior at Concord College majoring in accounting and is expected to graduate from Concord in May 2005.

President Beasley told Matthew and his mother the history of the scholarship dinner and remarked, “Harry has a way of choosing people for this scholarship who go on to become successful individuals. They would ‘fall on their spears’ for Harry. They are very loyal and appreciative for Harry’s involvement in their lives. You are joining a long line of carefully selected recipients of the Finkelman Scholarship.”

Mr. Finkelman has the distinction of having the first named scholarship at Concord College, begun and funded by students, and the first named scholarship for a person still living. He served under five different presidents during his tenure at Concord before his retirement in 1981. Finkelman was the sports announcer for Concord College football games for 51 years and was featured in “The Sporting News.”

Mr. Finkelman congratulated Mrs. Hatfield on the fine job she has done raising her son. “I am so proud of him,” she stated.

Matthew noted that, “I'm very excited to receive this scholarship and be a part of Mr. Finkelman's legacy. I'd also like to thank my mother for her support and direction.”

Mr. Finkelman said that he hoped Matthew would remember Concord once he becomes an alumnus, and that he hoped that no matter what Matthew decided to do with his life, that he would at least consider teaching accounting. “We need some good people in that field who want to teach. Students can tell if a teacher really enjoys what he or she is doing or if they are just there to have a job. I always enjoyed teaching.”

President Beasley ended the evening by telling the dinner guests, “What Concord is … is what people like you go on and do with your lives.”

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PHOTO: Matthew Hatfield accepts the “Finkelman Scholarship” from Mr. Harry Finkelman, professor of business, emeritus.