Concord Alumni and Friends Celebrate Successes

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May 13 2004

Concord Alumni and Friends Celebrate Successes

Athens, W. Va. – Alumni President, Dr. Beryle Santon, welcomed guests to the annual spring Alumni Banquet in the College Center Ballroom on Friday, May 14. Rose Ann Burgess provided the invocation and ARAMARK catered the dinner.

After dinner, Concord President Jerry Beasley introduced the College’s staff, and then said, “The legislature allows us to change our name to Concord University. A rose by any other name still smells as sweet. We have new opportunities for service that duty demands that we meet. We are at a crossroads and we hope that you go with us in the right direction.”

Dr. Santon recognized this year's retirees at the banquet: Gene Fields is retiring from his position as manager of the physical plant, Dr. Wilbur Jones is retiring from his position as professor of chemistry and Mary Edna Beckett will be retiring in August from her position as associate professor of mathematics.

Dr. Santon introduced Ken Moore, associate curator-in-charge and administrator of musical instruments at the Metropolitan Museum in New York as guest speaker for the banquet.

“I decided to go back to school, Hunter College, where I majored in “ethnomusicology,” Moore said. “Then, I got a job as a night watchman at the Met Museum and discovered that all the night watchmen were artists. What a great job!

“I wrote my thesis on ‘snake handler’s church music. The first night I attended a service, someone dropped a bucket of rattlesnakes on the floor and the following headline flashed in my mind—‘Ethnomusicologist Dies. . .’

“I believe so much in the power of a liberal arts education and I want to encourage all of you to help Concord with its mission,” he concluded.

Concord College’s Alumni Association honored those who have contributed to the College and the local community by bestowing the following awards:

OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS (An alumnus who has achieved notable accomplishments in his or her career and community).

Dr. Dean Turner introduced the recipient.

J. Ken Moore ‘70 is associate curator and administrator in the Department of Musical Instruments at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. He began his career at the Museum in 1970. He moved to the Department of Musical Instruments in 1979, where he was Curatorial Assistant, then Assistant Curator (1983) and Associate Curator (1990). Since 1990, he has been responsible for the curatorial care and display of the Museum’s 3,700 non-Western instruments, as well as the organization of many lectures, demonstrations, and concert programs.

Moore is also an instructor and lecturer, consultant, and a composer. He has published numerous articles and has been featured on several nationwide broadcasts. He is a member of seven national and international professional music organizations.

ALUMNUS OF THE YEAR (Someone who has made outstanding contributions to the Alumni Association and College.)

Joseph Friedl introduced the recipient.

Bob Gallione ’68 is president of the “Yankee” Chapter of the Concord College Alumni Association, Inc. Besides his outstanding involvement with the chapter, Bob has made great strides in establishing contact with his Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity brothers. He has planned several reunions, most recently the 40th anniversary celebration at homecoming 2003.

Gallione has also enjoyed a successful professional career that has included positions as local township administrator, borough administrator, and a distinguished 23-year career at Columbia University. At Columbia he served as director of student employment and later as real estate manager for the University’s properties. Gallione has also been mayor of the Borough of Bergenfield, a trustee of the Bergenfield Board of Education, and city councilman.

GOLDEN ALUMNUS (An alumnus who has contributed greatly to the Association and/or College for 25 years or more.)

Ted Gillespie introduced the recipient.

Retired Mountain Lion Football coach Tony Colobro ’48 is widely known as “the winningest coach in Concord history.”

Colobro came to Concord after graduating from Welch High School where he was an accomplished high school athlete. After graduating in 1948, he coached various sports at Iaeger and Welch High Schools in McDowell County. In 1964 he became head football coach at Bluefield State, and later served as athletic director.

Colobro garnered numerous individual honors as well, including five WVIAC Football Coach of the Year awards, and WVIAC Conference Coach of the Year in 1977. He was selected by the Sports Writers Association as one of the all-time top coaches in the WVIAC. In 1985 Colobro became the only Concord College coach to be inducted into the WVIAC Hall of Fame.

LINDA FINK SERVICE AWARD (Someone who has made outstanding contributions to his or her community.)

Dr. Jerry Beasley introduced the recipient.

Gilbert Eugene Bailey is a 1957 graduate of Concord College with an education degree and has completed graduate work at Marshall University and the College of Graduate Studies (COGS). He is a retired public school teacher.

Bailey has owned and operated the Bluestone Nursery and Christmas Tree Farm for more than three decades. He was inducted into the West Virginia Agricultural and Forestry Hall of Fame. He comments, “I guess I’ve planted about 500,000 trees in my lifetime. Planting trees is worthwhile, not only in terms of the environment, but because tree growing instills a positive philosophy of life.”

He was named "Alumnus of the Year" in 2001 by the Alumni Association.

Rose Ann Burgess played the College’s alma mater, with Chris Ryder leading in song.

The classes of 1954 and 1964 held their 50th and 40th class reunions during the banquet.

For more information about involvement with the Concord College Alumni Association, contact Kati Whittaker at 1-304-384-5348, or


PHOTO: Dean Turner and Ken Moore

PHOTO: Joe Friedl and Robert “Bob” Gallione

PHOTO: Ted Gillespie and Coach Tony Colobro

PHOTO: Gilbert Eugene Bailey and Jerry Beasley

CONCORD COLLEGE NOTES: The Concord College Alumni Association was incorporated November 23, 1951. Currently, there are seven alumni chapters located throughout the eastern United States. The association fosters higher academic standards, sponsors scholarships, recruits new students and helps students who are currently enrolled.