Concord Student Will Participate in Program at UCLA

For Immediate Release: 
May 20 2004

Concord Student Will Participate in Program at UCLA

Athens, W.Va. - Valentina Staneva, a sophomore student at Concord College who hails from Varna, Bulgaria, has been selected to participate in an undergraduate summer program, "Research in Industrial Projects for Students” at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus for the summer of 2004.

"I was searching the Internet for math programs and computer science internships when I found this opportunity. I was required to send in the application, three essays and recommendations from two faculty members in the math department. This opportunity will put me into a work environment using mathematics and computer science,” stated Ms. Staneva.

Participants from a variety of countries and backgrounds will be working in four-member teams. Staneva's team will be working on a project for the Los Alamos National Laboratory for Science Research.

Staneva worked at Virginia Tech last summer as a research assistant. She currently works in the math department at Concord College, and as a tutor with Student Support Services. She has completed all of the mathematics courses at Concord and feels well qualified for her work, and she looks forward to the opportunity to meet and learn from the other participants.

"As a student at Concord, Valentina's academic record has been excellent,” stated Director of Multicultural Affairs, Nancy Ellison. “It is our hope that her participation in this exciting internship opportunity will further enhance her education in the United States and that she will be willing to share what she has learned from the internship with other students here at Concord.”

Approximately four percent of Concord’s students are from countries other than the United States, and Ms. Ellison arranges for the students to stay with “host” families in this area, when the residence halls at Concord are closed for holiday breaks.

Cheryl Bredeaux, and Charlie and Lorisa Crews of Princeton have served as host families for Staneva during the breaks.

"I kept Val over Concord's spring break last year,” stated Mrs. Bredeaux. “She is such a funny young lady. We all enjoyed her wit and humor. She has also made time to come to my classroom and speak to my students. Last year my students learned about “Martenitza,” a Bulgarian spring holiday. Val and her friend, Krasmira, made red and white bracelets for each one of my students. They were to wear them until they saw the first bird of spring ... in our country a robin, in theirs a stork ... and then tie the bracelet to a fruit tree. I really appreciate her openness and her energy. She will do well in California.”

Mrs. Bredeaux teaches the third grade at Mercer School.

For information on international students serving as speakers, contact Director of Multicultural Affairs, Nancy Ellison, 1-304-384-6086 or